handmade and vintage goods

The Newlywed Years

in A Wedding on Your Terms

After the glitter, the champagne, and the celebration — what comes next? handmade and vintage goods

Make an Ombre Wedding Cake Piñata

Add excitement to your wedding reception with a handmade piñata. Fill this baby with favors and a raucous crowd will be waiting for the first whack! handmade and vintage goods

Say “I Do” to Memorable Details

Rachel Hernandez of the ever-inspiring Austin Wedding Blog shares her picks for fun weddings trends and styles. handmade and vintage goods

Make the Best Wedding Doughnuts

Forgo formality! Add a delicious dash of fun to the big day with this tasty powdered doughnut recipe from SprinkleBakes. handmade and vintage goods

Southern Vintage Charm

Erika and Jon married in the North Carolina backyard where they fell in love, surrounded by handmade touches and one unforgettable cake. handmade and vintage goods

Love and Minecraft: A Very Nerdy Wedding

Matt and Asia incorporated their love of video games into their special day. handmade and vintage goods

The Flawless Face

in Bridal Beauty

Learn how to create the perfect foundation for a classically beautiful fresh-faced look. handmade and vintage goods

Paint Your Own Cake Toppers

No wedding would be complete without a miniature couple adorning the cake. Learn how to make your own custom topper. handmade and vintage goods

Together Forever

From the food to the music to the one-of-a-kind decorated wedding canoe, Sarah and Dawn’s crafty celebration was a collective effort. handmade and vintage goods

The Bridal Beauty Paradox: We’re In Weigh Over Our Heads

in A Wedding on Your Terms

For many brides, the pressure to be svelte and photo-worthy can ruin an otherwise happy occasion. How do we stop the madness? handmade and vintage goods

A Registry for Unconventional Gardeners

Nurture the happy couple’s new home with the gift of growth. handmade and vintage goods

Bella Puzzles

in Meet the Vendor

“I sincerely hope my puzzle guestbooks will be used by each couple for the rest of their lives.” – Lara Braithwaite, maker behind Bella Puzzles.