handmade and vintage goods

On Top of a Mountain

Framed by Colorado’s spectacular mountain scenery, Nathan and Christina pledged their love in an intimate celebration centered on family and faith. handmade and vintage goods

Make Custom Perfume Wedding Favors

Experiment and create a signature solid perfume that makes a memorable gift for the wedding party and captures the magic of your wedding. handmade and vintage goods

Sweet as a Georgia Peach

Local touches and a lot of love transformed this Savannah, Georgia, wedding into a true expression of southern hospitality. handmade and vintage goods

A Handcrafted Portland Wedding

Mackenzie and Nick channeled their passion for letterpress, sustainability, an apple cider to create the personalized wedding of which they’d dreamed. handmade and vintage goods

The Bride I (Never) Wanted to Be

in A Wedding on Your Terms

Weddings appeal to our sense of fantasy, but how do we reconcile the dreams we may have had with the person we’ve become? handmade and vintage goods

Love in New Orleans

Together, Cassandra and James crafted an unforgettable celebration that captured the magic of their story against the backdrop of a legendary city. handmade and vintage goods

How to Make a Floral Crown

With this simple technique, anyone can transform a bunch of blooms into a showstopping and completely wedding-worthy accessory. handmade and vintage goods

A Very Vintage Romance

Tabitha and Dan’s shared love of design, architecture and antiques came together in a grand Sydney wedding full of handmade and vintage details. handmade and vintage goods

Festival of Love

Liz and Cristina’s wish for a colorful wedding inspired their family and friends to create a vivid, one-of-a-kind celebration. handmade and vintage goods

Handmade and Heartfelt

Lauren and Sam used their hands to show what was in their hearts, crafting a dreamy DIY celebration with plenty of personal touches. handmade and vintage goods

Emma Highfield

in Meet the Vendors

“I want my customers to feel they are purchasing something timeless and special.” – Emma Highfield, luxury lingerie designer. handmade and vintage goods

A Fresh Informal Fête

Brad and Meg said their vows tucked away in the countryside and followed up with a cute, no-fuss party.