handmade and vintage goods

Deep in the Art of Texas

Countless helping hands, inspired creative touches and one beautifully written original love song made Sam and Audrey’s special day one of a kind. handmade and vintage goods

The Loose Twist

in Bridal Beauty

If you’re looking to give some attention to your tresses, say I do to this sweetly romantic hairstyle, perfect for those with longer locks. handmade and vintage goods

Love’s Contract: The Ketubah

This ancient Jewish tradition embodies responsibility and respect in a beautiful, everlasting memento. handmade and vintage goods

The Perfect Dress, at Any Size

Not a standard size? Not a problem. Apple, pear, busty or plus size, we’ll help you find the ideal shape and style for your wedding. handmade and vintage goods

The Antique Anti-Bouquet

Forget everything you thought you knew about corsages and embrace the original bridal bouquet. handmade and vintage goods

Your Guide to Albums and Guest Books

When it comes time to preserve the memories of your special day, consider the sumptuous possibilities found in bound books and beyond. handmade and vintage goods

Hack Your Wedding

in A Wedding on Your Terms

Planning a wedding shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable, financially inadequate or pressured to conform. The answer? Hack the system. handmade and vintage goods

The Wedding Cake

in Why We Wed the Way We Do

Fondant-swathed confections encrusted with sugar roses descend from savory bride’s pies and Roman fertility treats. Time to cut the cake! handmade and vintage goods

Choosing a Custom Wedding Gown: Advice From Dressmakers

Committing to a custom gown is thrilling and a little nerve-wracking. Three professionals share tips for getting the gown you’ve been dreaming of. handmade and vintage goods

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

in Why We Wed the Way We Do

Men have an ancient tradition of pre-wedding blowouts. (No, seriously.) Women, however, have only joined the party in recent years. handmade and vintage goods

Your Guide to Engagement Rings

Unconventional, antique, classic solitaire – which ring trend will you be wearing when you tie the knot? handmade and vintage goods

The Bouquet

in Why We Wed the Way We Do

Why do brides carry flowers on their big day? Believe it or not, the answer involves babies, evil spirits, body odor and secret messages.