Bridal Beauty

The Loose Twist

April 20, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Katie Shelton

Katie Shelton is a mid-western dwelling fiber artist. She spends her days homeschooling her daughter, thrifting vintage treasures and taking bike rides through trails in the woods. Katie blogs about her life and plush-making business at her blog, Skunkboy Creatures.

Effortlessly romantic, this simple twist is easy, versatile, and irresistibly feminine. Wear it loose and tousled for a bohemian effect, or smooth and sleek for classic style that’s pretty and polished. The addition of flowers, lace, ribbon or jeweled hair pins make the look entirely yours.


Bobby pins
Fine tooth comb or teasing brush
Curling iron
Hair spray

Step 1: Take a section of hair at the crown and tease.

Step 2: Smooth the top and gather the sides.

Step 3: Begin twisting the section of hair into a half bun.

Step 4: Continue twisting hair.

Step 5: Pin the bun in place and curl the remaining hair.

Step 6: Finish the look by adding flowers, lace, or bows.

The finished look is tousled, casual, and classic, all at the same time.

Photos by JM Shelton.