handmade and vintage goods

Deep in the Art of Texas

Countless helping hands, inspired creative touches and one beautifully written original love song made Sam and Audrey’s special day one of a kind. handmade and vintage goods

Schoolhouse Celebration

Natalie and Gregory tied the knot in the quaint North Carolina countryside, accompanied by vintage details and sentimental handmade decor. handmade and vintage goods

Close to Home

Rin and Joe gathered friends and family for a casual backyard celebration, complete with pom poms, confetti, snow cones and badminton. handmade and vintage goods

Off the Beaten Path

Among tall trees and serene ponds, Tasha and Mel held an intimate ceremony in a secluded Chicago nature preserve. handmade and vintage goods

In Fine Feather

From the colorful paper flowers to the feathery boutonnieres, Elsie and Jeremy’s eclectic wedding bursts forth with DIY touches. handmade and vintage goods

A Rustic Beach Affair

With handmade touches, a beautiful ocean view and a 10-piece mariachi band, Lorena and Dustyn tied the knot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. handmade and vintage goods

Amongst the Trees

Christine and Ian’s wedding deep in the California forest incorporated nature in everything from the handmade amphitheater to the RSVP Field Guide. handmade and vintage goods

Seaside Picnic

Surrounded by gnarled oaks and gentle breaking waves, Gary and Laura’s island wedding was years in the making. handmade and vintage goods

Lakeside Celebration

Aided by friend, family, and many an Etsy seller, Kim and Shane retreat to their favorite lakeside haunt to celebrate their love. handmade and vintage goods

Tucked Away in the Woods

Sienna and Trevor found wedding inspiration in the great outdoors, with an open-air affair at 4000 feet, surprise snowflakes and a handmade treehouse. handmade and vintage goods

Native Alaskan Splendor

When their village was destroyed by a flood, Shyanne and Aaron had to build a road to return to their home for a wedding steeped in tradition. handmade and vintage goods

All in the Details

Patricia and Tim may have started things off traditionally in a chapel, but from there, it was all curry rice crispy treats and dogs in bow ties.