Spice Up Your Wedding Cake

May 6, 2012 in
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Kitya Palaskas
Kitya Palaskas

Kitiya is a designer, artist, craft enthusiast and Craft Online Producer at Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. In addition to being the captain of the Sydney Etsy Team, you can often find her behind a sewing machine, buried under piles of textas, stickers and paper scraps, and frantically bedazzling anything in sight.

Here are three fun and easy paper projects to class up your cake. Read on for tips on making cupcake bling, mini bunting, and sparkle letter centerpieces. Don’t just cut the cake — glam it up!

The first project on our list: cupcake diamonds.

Let your guests take home a tiny piece of your wedding bling. Fill these little gems with confetti and use them to decorate cupcakes. Stick a toothpick in each if you want to keep icing off the cardboard.

Coloured card (we used metallics)
Scissors or scalpel
Double-sided sticky tape
Diamond shape template

1. Using the shape template, trace the diamond pattern onto coloured card. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the fold lines.

2. With coloured side facing down, press along all fold lines, including tabs.

3. Affix a strip of double-sided sticky tape to the outside face of each tab. Assemble the diamond, making sure to press each tab securely onto the inside faces as you assemble.

Project #2: Mini Cake Bunting

This tiny garland will look striking and sweet on top of your wedding cake. Match your party decor to your cake by making them in real-size to hang around the room.

Coloured cardstock (we used metallics)
Pinking shears
Glue gun
Twine or thread
2 skewers
Circle shape template

 1. Use the shape template to cut ten circles from assorted coloured card.

2. Fold all circles in half and set aside five for later. With the remaining circles, use scissors to create a fringe or pinking shears to create a zigzag edge. Trim each of these folded circles so they become smaller folded strips.

3. Using the glue gun, squeeze a thin line of glue into the inside crease of each folded strip, then press into place over the outside of one of your other folded circles. Repeat with each strip and circle until all are glued.

4. Cut a 14” piece of string. Squeeze a thin line of glue into the inside crease of each folded circle and around the circle edge. Fold each circle over the piece of thread, ensuring that thread is flush with the inside of the folded crease. Press to seal. Tie each thread end to a skewer to finish.

Project #3: Sparkle Letter Centerpiece

Embrace bright metallics and lashings of glitter to bring festive joy to your wedding. These playful paper projects will add a quirky, colorful touch to your party decor.

Letter template (Print out letters in the size and font of your choice from a computer, or draw your template pieces free hand using a ruler to keep your lines straight.)
Coloured card (we used metallics)
White card
Glue gun
Scissors or scalpel
Glue stick
2 skewers
Shape template

 1. Use your letter template to cut two of each initial from white card.

2. Using the shape templates provided, cut eight triangles for each initial from colored card. Cut 1 diamond from the shape template for each initial.

3.  Glue four triangles onto each side of a diamond in a fan formation.

4. Apply glue to the front of one initial and to the back of the other. Sprinkle glitter all over the glued sides, wait until dry, then gently blow off the excess glitter.

5. With glitter side facing down, use a hot glue gun to stick the fan shape and a skewer to the inside face of the back initial. Then, glue around the edges of inside face and gently press the front face on top, sealing the skewer inside.

If you make your own cake toppers, share a photo in the Etsy Labs Flickr group.