Thoughtful Gifts for Your Wedding Party

April 9, 2008 in handmade and vintage goods

Photo by Kim LaFrenz

Kelly Bedaien

Kelly Bedeian is a second-generation jeweler and the craftsperson behind Rural Abandon Jewelry. She splits her professional time between her jewelry studio and administering arts programming for the University of Iowa International Writing Program. When she isn’t working, she enjoys annoying her husband by watching wedding reality shows with their 8-year old daughter.

Brides have enough to think about when planning a wedding. Not everyone has the funds to hire a wedding planner, and those who do still seem to agonize over every little aspect of the big day. So take some advice from a seasoned bridesmaid about one detail: the bridemaids’ gifts. Here are some simple tips to help any bride choose the perfect gifts.

When it comes to your wedding, it’s important not to forget those who’ve helped you along the way — and what better way to acknowledge their contributions than with a thoughtful gift?

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  • DON’T give gifts that only work when matching the dress – think about it. Is it really a gift when you’re buying something to match a dress the person is likely to never wear again? This type of gift says, “I don’t trust you to wear appropriate accessories with the dress I picked out.”
  • DO give gifts that match the person – think about each individual and buy accordingly.  Is there a memory you share? An inside joke? Buy something that will really touch their heart or make them chuckle.
  • DON’T give manicures and pedicures before the big day – your bridesmaids can take care of that. (And don’t worry, they won’t come to the wedding with florescent yellow nail polish.)
  • DO give personalized bath and body gifts – think of the person’s favorite scents, colors and personality, and buy accordingly. For example, if the person is into natural products, why not give them a gift basket with organic bath and body items?
  • DON’T buy a t-shirt, tank top, or sweat suit with “BRIDESMAID” written across it. Britney did this, and we all saw how that turned out!
  • DO buy something they can use long after the wedding – whether it be a nice pair of earrings or a special purse, make sure it is something they will use and cherish.
  • DON’T buy each person the same gift – this screams sale at Big Lots! You chose your attendants because they share a special place in your life, so personalize things a bit. This doesn’t mean monogramming a key chain, either.

When it comes to gift giving, one concept always rings true: the best gifts have a personal touch. A gift from Etsy will probably make your bridesmaids forget all about that horrible dress you made them wear (kidding!).

Here’s to all of the lovely brides out there!