The Natural Bride

March 27, 2009 in handmade and vintage goods

Photo by Esther Ling

Rosie Ames

Rosie Ames is passionate about nature and committed to social justice since her childhood in Africa. Her background of 20 years in fashion design and on-going lifetime commitment to environmental responsibility embodies Green Union's ethos of contemporary style with a conscience. She now runs Green Union and her wedding planning business from Catsheys, an organic smallholding in North Devon.

Every couple looks radiant on their wedding day, but if you feel you can’t rely on your sheer happiness alone to ensure total radiance, here are some natural, organic, and ethical alternatives to give you a boost on your big day.

We suggest the very first step to all natural beauty is to take care of your overall health and well being in the run up to the big day. This applies to brides and grooms equally.

Munch away at a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water (be green, avoid bottled water and tap into faucet water, which is perfectly good for you) and reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Do plenty of exercise like walking or swimming, preferably in the fresh air, and get lots of sleep. This will help keep your body, skin and hair in tip top condition.

If you practice what we preach, then using a natural or organic facial and body lotion on the build up to your big day, feeding your skin precious nutrients and oils, will be all you’ll need to radiate that natural beauty to the world.

Look out for organic skincare products that are free from artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Makeup Magic
Make sure you try new products and shades well before the wedding day, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Once you’ve found something that suits you, stick to it and don’t make the mistake of trying new products or colours on the day, it could end in tears. Ask Me Makeup has some helpful tips in her series of videos.

Your skin will be extra wonderfully radiant if you don’t wear any makeup for a week before the wedding and keep your skin moisturized. On the day, apply makeup to a well-moisturized base and keep your colors natural. Have a lip gloss handy for touching up throughout the day. If you’re not sure about doing your own makeup, ask a makeup artist to use your own natural products.

Everyone’s asking about mineral makeup — it’s pretty good for you and your skin, but choose wisely and always try them out before committing yourself. Everyone’s skin is different and every bride’s after a different look: experiment because practice makes perfect.

Here’s a handy hint: when getting ready on the day, wear something which buttons all the way up so you don’t end up mussing your hair and splotching your makeup when it’s time to get into that dress!

Healthy Hair
With a balanced diet and heaps of exercise, your hair will have no choice but to shine naturally.  Having it trimmed regularly (every six weeks, even if you’re growing it, or less if it’s a crop) will get your hair into peak condition. If you’re thinking of coloring it yourself, think again, and have it done professionally at least 3 months before the big event, just in case you hate the result and need to take alternative action!

Whether you’re having your hair styled professionally or doing it yourself, it’s a great idea to experiment with your style.  Try out different accessories like a veil, fascinator, or flowers in plenty of time and once you’ve made your decision, stick to it on the day.

Happy Hands
Your hands will be on show on your wedding day, so a little attention won’t go amiss.  Lots of moisturizing on the run up to the big day and a pampering manicure always hits the spot. A good buff will make most hands sparkle, but if you plan to polish, check out a kinder product than those on the average high street.

Good Grooming
While their brides are pampering themselves for the big day, grooms may feel a bit of pressure to devote a little time and effort getting into shape themselves!

Follow to a good diet and exercise regime, choose products that work for your skin and moisturize regularly and thoroughly. A well groomed head may require a bit of application, but make sure your hair is squeaky clean. You might want to take some time to experiment with some styling products till you find one that suits your hair and then ‘stick’ to it. Doesn’t hurt to have a sibling, friend, or your partner check you out and give you their honest opinions!

On the wedding day, have a good shave, shower and moisturize well, smooth down the bed head. Then you should be fit to climb into your outfit looking like a million dollars!