A Geometric Rainbow

November 5, 2012 in
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Lindsey Mikash

Hi! I'm Lindsey, a Colorado native living it up in Austin, Texas. By day I teach college students about the wonderful world of art history, and by night (well, actually still by day, but whatever) I cook, read, conquer the outdoors, and try to perfect my foam-making skills with my espresso maker.

When Brian and I met, we were gangly and awkward 13-year-olds, acquainted only in virtue of both being seventh graders who played club soccer in the small Colorado town where we grew up.  People often like to say Brian and I have been together since that fateful year we met, though in actuality that’s not quite true.

While we did indeed “go out” in seventh grade, I dumped him rather unceremoniously after we were caught in an act of PDA (i.e. a total smooch-fest) after lunch one day. The relationship that led to our eventual nuptials did not begin until we were sophomores in high school, a bit less gangly but easily one-zillion times more awkward. Fast-forward thirteen years – separate colleges, one break-up, one falling fantastically back in love, two apartments, grad school, one cross-country move, and a tiny pug later – and we’re getting hitched!

Though we’d moved to dreamy Austin, Texas, we knew we wanted to get married in Denver, Colorado: the city where we’d spent the bulk of our young adult lives together. After making this decision, we both agreed that more than anything – more than good food, fancy décor, a sanctimonious ceremony, bumpin’ dance tunes, or beautiful clothing – we wanted this day to truly represent who we are as individuals and as a couple, and show what getting married really means to us.

Planning came rather easily. We decided to write our own ceremony and marry ourselves, which is legal in the state of Colorado; we nixed any traditions with which we didn’t feel comfortable; we DIY-ed fairly excessively; and we tried to keep our guest list to just our closest friends and family.

One of the biggest challenges for me was deciding on a theme for our wedding. I went back and forth constantly over the months of planning. Ultimately, I decide to stick to components of my personal aesthetic that are already quite present in my life – I like saturated colors contrasted to bright, open spaces; I’m quite the fan of hard-edged, geometric design; and I didn’t want things to feel too put together (I’m rarely able to maintain such polish in my day-to-day life). I was pretty pleased with the final result – a loose geometry theme with pops of saturated color throughout.

One of my favorite aspects about the entire day was how almost every component of our wedding was the result of an enthusiasm for DIY that verged on mania, coupled with the incredible generosity of our friends and family. For the tables, we hand folded hundreds of geometric shapes, and my mom and I hand-dipped every single one of our votive candles in purple paint. Brian’s mom meticulously chained together scores of paper triangles to create our garland, and a close friend designed our invitations. Instead of getting a DJ, I spent hours obsessing over numerous Spotify playlists.

The day before the wedding, an impromptu gathering of family and friends assembled our appetizers, and my sister and aunt baked our wedding cake from scratch as a surprise for us. My sister also expertly did my make-up, and two wonderful friends acted as our wedding coordinators, making sure everything was lovingly put together on the day itself.

It was so moving to see everyone come together as a team to support us and make our day beautiful. We felt very lucky and very loved!

All photographs by Melissa O’Connell from Happy Confetti Photography.