DIY Ring Bearer Banner

November 12, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Brittany Watson Jepsen
Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen is a designer and crafter. Her motto is "a creative mess is better than tidy idleness." Find her on her blog, The House That Lars Built, and her Etsy shop, where she designs and sells kitchen accessories and all things floral.

The ring bearer provides the perfect opportunity to add a dash of humor to a wedding, as you never know what little boys will do!

This “He Put a Ring on It” banner will provide some much-needed comic relief right before the bride enters, as well as a practical and safe way to transport the pair of rings. With just a small ribbon attachment, the rings will also take the spotlight at the ceremony. The best part about the project is that there is absolutely no sewing involved!

Iron-on transfer paper in A3 size
Canvas fabric pre-gessoed
X-Acto knife
Double-sided tape
Wooden dowel 1/2 inch in diameter

Step 1: Draw your banner according to the dimensions on the photo and cut it out leaving a 1/2″ extra fabric for folding. (OR download the image on my banner.)

Step 2: Lay your double-sided tape on the edge of the banner.

Step 3: Fold over.

Step 4: Give it a good crease and make sure it’s securely fastened. Repeat for the other sides, except the top.

Step 5: At the point of the banner, fold one edge on top of the other and secure with tape. Print off the PDF image onto the transfer paper and iron it onto the banner.

Step 6: At the top of the banner, apply the tape and attach the dowel.

Step 7: Roll the dowel over once. You may need to apply a bit of glue from a glue gun to make sure it’s secure.

Step 8: Where the ring is, use your X-Acto knife and punch holes on either side of the ring.

Step 9: Bring your ribbon through either side, attach your rings and fasten with a bow.

Voila! You’ll add a nice dose of comic relief to the ceremony.

All photographs by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built.