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February 22, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Reverie Magazine

Reverie Magazine is a quarterly online wedding magazine created in London, England. Founders Mary and Kate hope to spread their love of wedding design and ideas to brides on both sides of the pond.

A transatlantic spirit is at the heart of Reverie; while Kate is British born and bred (with the cutest accent), she’s left her heart in California and frequently returns to find it. Mary is an American from the Midwest via New York City who started her expat life in London almost six years ago (but, unlike Madonna, she still has an accent that is still very much American).

Inspired by the places closest to our hearts, we got to imagining how we’d inject some Etsy love into weddings in New York, London, California and Devon.

In honor of my old stomping grounds, I have imagined a wedding that attests to the cosmopolitan quirkiness of the Big Apple. There are so many fun details that you can add into your New York wedding.

Provide thoughtful touches for your out-of-town guests with a map of the city that includes stars over recommended sites to visit and a heart over the location of your wedding (and, of course, a printed wedding weekend schedule of events), as well as a list of the most romantic spots in the city that are significant to you as a couple.

And don’t forget that it’s all about the details, so mail your gorgeous letterpress invitations with vintage New York postage stamps and give your guests an “I Love New York” goodie bag full of New York treats (such as black-and-white cookies).

To me, a New York wedding oozes modern sophistication, so allow your bridal party her choice of LBD. Since you are tying the knot, there’s no better bridesmaid gift than a silver “knot” ring.

I’ve lived in London for nearly six years now, and I am still amazed by the historic details of the city; in fact, many wedding venues are older than certain states in America!

For a wedding that takes place in this historic city, I would design the decor with a nod toward London’s old world charm, but with a modern twist. I’d include some fun London icons, such as vintage miniature double-decker buses for wedding favors and place card holders; Vivienne Westwood-style grosgrain shoe clips with a beaded royal crown (either on the bridal shoes, or for the bridal party); and a wedding invitation suite that evokes the colors of the Union Jack. Add fun bowler hat props for your photobooth!

I think it may be impossible to have a London wedding and not see a fascinator among the girls, but why not modernize things with a stunning red headpieces for your bridal party?

My heart’s true home is on the coastline of California. For the last 17 years I’ve been visiting friends and family there, and it’s always been a dream of mine to tie the knot under the California sun. A vintage-inspired invitation would set the tone for the day, and a 1950s lace dress would be the perfect touch of English style in an otherwise West Coast day, accessorized with a sweet rose and pine cone headband.

The tables would be decorated with wild flowers in mismatched glass bottles, and each guest’s place setting would have spiky air plants and napkins tied with gold fish charms (said by the ancient Greeks to enhance good luck in marriage and relationships). At the end of the evening, guests would take home hand-milled olive oil and lavender soaps wrapped in wax paper and string.

I grew up in a sleepy village on the Devon coast, surrounded by quaysides stacked with lobster pots, a river bustling with sail boats, and summer cottages decorated with old nautical maps. With Devon as the background, I imagine a small, intimate wedding in the old boathouse, doors thrown open to the sea breeze. The walls would be decorated with vintage boat prints, and as we headed out into the sunshine with bands of gold “rope” on our fingers, we’d be covered with confetti made from old maps.

The bridesmaids would be dressed in red prom dresses, clutching blue and white striped bags. Guests would be invited to a lobster bake on the beach where old trestle tables were laid out with heavy linen tablecloths; vintage glassware would hold abundant salads and sparkling wine from the local vineyard. We’d dance until the stars came out.

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  • mirabellamorello

    mirabellamorello from mirabellamorello says: Featured

    Really great ideas and lots of great inspiration for those working on wedding planning this time of the year! For many people getting married in cities, their friends and relatives are travelling to them for the wedding. I think it makes it fun to add in what makes your city special to the theme of the wedding. We were living in Washington, DC when we got married and instead of a honeymoon, we were fellow tourists along with our guests for the rest of the week!

    8 years ago

  • PopLoveCouture

    Shai Wallach from PopLoveCouture says: Featured

    I love the idea of a city-themed wedding, but for the two of us, we've moved around so much, it would be hard to decide on which place to pick! I think the idea of doing a city-themed wedding but based on a place both partners have a desire to build a life together in would be incredibly romantic. Also - love those fish charms!

    8 years ago