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Develop a Winning Product in 5 Steps handmade and vintage goods


You may have been making things with your hands for as long as you can remember. But do you have a strategy for deciding what products to sell? Whether the first product you listed on Etsy evolved naturally out of your sheer love for creating or was the result of much trial and error, you may benefit from the structure of a multi-stage product development approach. Follow these steps to develop a strong product that builds on your strengths, stands out from the competition and serves as a great starting point for growing your product line and shop.

Step 1: Brainstorm

Starting with your chosen material or craft, dream up your product ideas, letting your brain wander and land in wild places. Allow yourself to be free! Write all your ideas down or sketch them out. This stage is all about finding inspiration and giving your vision room to develop, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Seek out inspiration far and wide — in books, films, nature and beyond. As Holly from The Wandering Ewe says, “When I come up with an idea for a doll, I’ll often go outside and look at the different colors that occur in nature. A bird perched on a branch of a tree might inspire me to use those colors for a dress for one of my dolls.” Remember, the main purpose of this phase is to gather and run with your ideas, not limit them.

" allow myself to play and make mistakes during the initial process, and perfect those mistakes during the second, third, or fourth try. After a few attempts, I pretty much have it exactly as I want it and am able to reproduce the same design if there's a demand for it." – Christiana Odum from YarnDarlin

“I allow myself to play and make mistakes during the initial process and perfect those mistakes during the second, third or fourth try. After a few attempts, I pretty much have it exactly as I want it and I’m able to reproduce the same design if there’s a demand for it.” — Christiana Odum from YarnDarlin

Step 2: Research

Market research: Look at what people are selling on Etsy, elsewhere on the web, at craft fairs and retailers, as well as what’s being featured on blogs and in magazines. In this phase, you’ll seek to answer these questions: Is there a need for my product? Is there an existing market for it? If not, can I create one? If there is already a saturated market for my product, how will I make it stand out? Does my product have holiday or special occasion appeal?

Target market research: Who will buy your product? Many sellers think of themselves as their target market, but it can pay to think beyond that. Painting a clear picture of your target customer can help you determine pricing and inform how to promote your product down the line.

Step 3: Revise

Return to your sketches and revise your ideas based on what you’ve learned through your research. For now, focus on the one product concept you feel has the most potential and that you’re most excited about. Your product doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, but it will do better and you’ll have an easier time marketing it if it has distinguishing features. If you’ve done market research, you’ll know what other similar products are out there, and how you can answer a need with your product or put a personal spin on an existing market. This could be your choice of notable materials (such as luxury or eco-friendly), the addition of a small functional detail that sets your item apart or your product’s unique story.


Photo by Modern Switch

As Krystal of Modern Switch found, pinpointing your target market can inspire new, highly successful products. As she notes, “It wasn’t till after having kids that the idea of nursery decor came on my radar. I realized my target demographic is parents. Once I started catering to them my business exploded!”

Step 4: Create

Mock it up: You’ve got a wonderful idea, but is it easy to create? Is it even possible? Take your first stab at turning your sketch to fruition by using similar but less costly supplies to make a prototype. Depending on the results, do a second mock-up with the final materials.

Put it to the test: You won’t know how a product will perform until you test it out. Give a sample to a friend and ask for feedback. Does it work as intended? Does it wear well? Or, did it fall apart? Early feedback can save you and your customers disappointment down the road.

Take your time: Give your product time to evolve. While it can be tempting to rush the process and list your new item right away, putting in some extra time now can save you future headaches and also result in a product you’re more confident selling.

Be forgiving: It can be quite sobering to realize that some of the ideas that seem to sing on paper don’t translate as well as you’d imagined in real life. In describing her product development process, Sue of Lulu Bug Jewelry says, “Once I’m happy with the design, I create it in silver. I often get it right the first try, but sometimes more revisions are needed. It’s a process!” Don’t beat yourself up if your first idea doesn’t pan out. Your initial ideas still have value, even if it takes going back to the drawing board a few times to find one that works. Luckily if you’ve saved all your ideas from step one, so you’ll have some backup options.

"Some of my biggest mistakes turned into unique products. Errors in soldering that created splatters led me to realize I could use solder for artistic effect. Placement of parts that went awry led me to think outside the box how to fix things and I often ended up with a more unique and complicated piece in the end.” - Valerie from ValerieTyler

“Some of my biggest mistakes turned into unique products. Errors in soldering that created splatters led me to realize I could use solder for artistic effect. Placement of parts that went awry led me to think outside the box how to fix things and I often ended up with a more unique and complicated piece in the end.” -— Valerie from ValerieTyler

Step 5: Edit

Very few winning products follow a straight line from brainstorming. Instead, they result from careful editing both before and after making their debut. Accept that your product vision may change over time. In the meantime, do a final series of spot checks before unleashing your product:

Can you can easily source your materials?
Do you think this product can be profitable?
Is the product cohesive with your brand?
Most importantly, do you love it and enjoy making it?

Once you’ve got a killer product, you’re halfway there. Next, make sure your photographs and prices do your amazing product justice. Make sure people know about it with SEO-friendly titles and tags and through promotion and marketing. Once you’ve got a product you feel really great about, taking those next steps will feel simpler and well worth it. Plus, a great product is easier to evolve into a full product line.

Are you a more experienced seller with product development tips to add? Share them in the comments!

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Audrey Manning grew up in Brooklyn just blocks from the Etsy office. A lifelong artist and crafter, she earned a Masters degree in Art Therapy from NYU and loves working on Etsy’s Seller Education team. Keep up with her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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  • SageNThymeDesigns

    Joanne from SageNThymeDesigns says: Featured

    Nearly every single one of my top sellers came as a direct result of a custom request. My customers know what they want and how they'll use things and what they can't find in stores. Now if I get a request for the same thing from more than one customer I try to find a way to make it feasible.

    77 days ago

  • ArteeLuarBookbinding

    Ana Ribeiro from ArteeLuarBookbinding says: Featured

    Thanks for featuring my planners. These are an almost perfect example of the points you're making. These planers started out as something else, something that I thought so I could use geometric shapes and colors, after being a prototype for something else for months, I made several changes, gave them another function and put them for sale in a very limited color edition. Almost from the beginning I had to alter the way that I was selling them and made them completely custom color, due to feedback from potential customers. Then this year I made more changes, added new product lines, changed the inside so they had many of the features asked for by my customers, added a new size. In conclusion, sometimes a product is always in evolution, I listen to my customers and I will always do so, because they know what they want! :)

    77 days ago

  • AudMod Admin

    Audrey says: Featured

    What wonderful, insightful comments! I love that so many of you mention custom orders as a source of inspiration and product development. While that wasn't a focus of this article, I agree it can be a wonderful product development tool, especially as your shop evolves. I also love the suggestion several of you made to use social media for your product testing phase. What a great way to seek out feedback!

    77 days ago

  • TheCookieClutch

    Terry Zamora from TheCookieClutch says:

    This came at a perfect time for me. I am a Vintage seller and am in the process of making a line of handmade hats. I got lots of good ideas from this. Thanks!!

    77 days ago

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    77 days ago

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie says:

    Lots of great advice! Thanks so much!!!

    77 days ago

  • themefragrance

    Theme Fragrance from themefragrance says:

    Test, test, test. Use and abuse your product to make sure it can handle the use you intend it to have and more.

    77 days ago

  • amyschlossberg1

    Amy Schlossberg from FlyingArtGarden says:

    It is great to see how the target market can be a group we don't usually "think" of as customers, only because sometimes we think of ourselves as the target group. I can better understand now how passion turns to profit! I hope this article can become a tutorial or perhaps a video of some kind for training purposes and go more in depth with examples.

    77 days ago

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat from mazedasastoat says:

    Make what you love, not what you think will make you money. There ARE enough people out there who will love what you love to make it worthwhile, but approaching your business from the side of profit rather than personal fulfillment will never give you a life you don't resent. You may as well just work for someone else & let them do all the paperwork!

    77 days ago

  • agebo

    Ann Cosgrove from acbcDesign says:

    Such great tips - always great to be reminded to not rush the process.

    77 days ago

  • landseasky

    Erica from landseasky says:

    Very informative tips. Thanks!

    77 days ago

  • WingedWorld

    Vickie Moore from WingedWorld says:

    Etsy is the perfect place to test new product lines because listing is so easy and there is instant access to an audience that will either love it or ignore it. I tried different product lines and found the niche products that work for me. The hardest ones weren't the abject failures (and I've had several), but the few that were successful but too time-consuming to produce. I had to value my time enough to let those go.

    77 days ago

  • saumansmith

    Sara from MoffitPlushCo says:

    Wonderful advice and lots to think about. Thanks for sharing!

    77 days ago

  • vcying

    Extracurricular Activities Ying from ecala says:

    Fantastic Advice!

    77 days ago

  • SeptemberHouse

    Corinne from SeptemberHouse says:

    Don't beat yourself up if an idea does not blossom into a hit. Also, don't scrap it entirely and toss it in the trash. Tuck it away - it just might take on a new life in the future or be the seed you need for a whole new idea.

    77 days ago

  • TheGlowingSkin

    TheGlowingSkin from TheGlowingSkin says:

    So helpful, creating a killer product is all that takes, even though it takes a long time.

    77 days ago

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams says:

    I don't have enough experience yet to have helpful tips for others, I don't think, but I do agree that letting my mind wander over ideas and finding inspiration in nature has brought me some interesting results so far. And while I may not be the target market for everything I make, I couldn't make something I disliked or wouldn't enjoy having, as well as making. My most recent product I developed out of something I made years ago in a different material, and it didn't work very well but I liked the idea. Then last year I looked at the old product and thought of a new way to make it. I made some in time for Christmas and they were, on a small scale, very successful. I'm still in the development process while selling, so it is evolving through experience and feedback, which I find exciting. So sometimes maybe revisiting an old idea and seeing it with fresh eyes can be a path to new products too.

    77 days ago

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak says:

    This is great advice

    77 days ago

  • NMNjewelry

    Noel from NoelsJewelryandMore says:

    I've been working on some of these steps already, but having troubles with remembering that it might not work on the first, second or even third go....or even more so, the need to focus on ONE thing at a time! Thank you for the reminder, and great tips!

    77 days ago

  • SoapBoxShoes

    Soap Box Shoes from SoapBoxShoes says:

    Thank you for the great article Audrey! We have a box in our studio full of prototypes that didn't quite work and we have learned to proudly admire & treasure them as a symbol of our persistence and dedication to work through the challenges with focus. Every prototype you make teaches you more and more about your medium and mistakes are golden opportunities for growth - especially when you are doing something that may never have been done before! High five to all the inventive creators out there & thank you Etsy for all we have learned from your team!

    77 days ago

  • brotoseco

    Denise Facciuto from Brotos says:

    The tips are great, it is really hard to follow them ... I have so much to learn! Thanks for sharing this kind of information is extremely useful

    77 days ago

  • PepitasStudio

    Pepitas House from PepitasStudio says:

    Playing with different materials help to evolve the idea in your heart for the final product. One starting point for me is that I make what I will use myself, what I will gift myself and then pour love on the piece.

    77 days ago

  • handmadebycecilia

    Cecilia Escobar from HandmadebyCecilia says:

    Ahh, need to work. Thanks for the article very illustrative.

    77 days ago

  • VeraVague

    Vera and Victor Vague from VeraVague says:

    you really have to find a way to stand out against all the competition, and then market the hell out of your product.

    77 days ago

  • jessgreenleaf

    Jess Greenleaf from GREENLEAFblueberry says:

    I think the hardest thing about developing a new product is to do it slowly and methodically. Excitement tempered by patience usually results in something worthwhile.

    77 days ago

  • MariaBjork
  • elizabethforster

    K E Forster from elleandbellejewelry says:

    Thanks, Audrey for the useful info. Now I just have to test it out!

    77 days ago

  • VintageForHer

    Rebecca from VintageForHer says:

    Great advice! Thanks!

    77 days ago

  • vinylclockwork

    Scott from vinylclockwork says:

    Great Tips Thanks for the post

    77 days ago

  • voulashomemadeprodu1

    Voula Kambouris from Voulashomemadeprod says:

    Amazing advice ,thanks for the tips.

    77 days ago

  • seasidecloth

    seasidecloth from seasidecloth says:

    It's hard work, but eventually pays off with invaluable knowledge.

    77 days ago

  • WalterSilva
  • chelceytate

    Chelcey Tate from WhatThePrint says:

    Oh, I love this! I am in the process of thinking up new paper products to sell (or even get more into the home decor side of things) and I seem to have hit a slump. Thanks for the ideas! :)

    77 days ago

  • thats2crafty

    Gina and Sandy and Sandy from thats2crafty says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, even those seasoned artists can pull something from your blog!

    77 days ago

  • peachtreedesigns3

    Laura from peachtreedesigns3 says:

    Listen to your customers. Sometimes they will think of something for a custom product that other buyers would like as well. For me that is sometimes a launching point for new product ideas.

    77 days ago

  • trapeze11

    Juno from JunoClaireDesigns says:

    I do not think of myself as my target market actually. Problem is, my market is saturated with big companies. I am thinking of completely switching the focus of my shop. I love knitting, so that is what's important to me. I love designing barbie clothes as well, but I have found them hard to sell. Thank you for this guide on how to create products.

    77 days ago

  • dayslonggone

    Gwynne Collins from DaysLongGone says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    77 days ago

  • 2Crafty4You

    Renate from 2Crafty4You says:

    Thanks for these very helpful tips !

    77 days ago

  • misschristiana

    Christiana Odum from YarnDarlin says:

    Sound advice, indeed!

    77 days ago

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee says:

    Thanks for this helpful article. After having some success, but not as much as I'd like, I am turning my hand to just the kind of product development discussed here. I appreciate the chance to re-focus and think about products from a standpoint beyond artistic creativity or craftsmanship.

    77 days ago

  • muchandquick

    Kalisa L. from MuchandQuick says:

    Wow, this article just gave me a great idea on how to change one of the crafts I make to give it a lower price and (hopefully) more appeal to my customers! February is my month of restocking my store, so this is a great time for ideas to strike. Thanks!

    77 days ago

  • vintagejane

    Stacey from vintagejane says:

    Perfect timing for me.....thanks!

    77 days ago

  • FieldsOfVintage

    FieldsOfVintage from FieldsOfVintage says:

    Excellent advice! Great article read.

    77 days ago

  • SageNThymeDesigns

    Joanne from SageNThymeDesigns says: Featured

    Nearly every single one of my top sellers came as a direct result of a custom request. My customers know what they want and how they'll use things and what they can't find in stores. Now if I get a request for the same thing from more than one customer I try to find a way to make it feasible.

    77 days ago

  • PeachyKeenCreations

    Brittany Pirtle from NaturalEnemy says:

    Great article! Thank you. :)

    77 days ago

  • ValerieTyler

    Valerie from ValerieTyler says:

    Thanks so much for featuring one of my pieces and a quote. Product development has been something I have always put a lot of thought and time into. It's been a growing process but worth it to be able to put forth a unified vision that represents me. I loved getting to read everyone else's perspectives and ways they have developed their work and art.

    77 days ago

  • Nikifashion

    Natalia from Nikifashion says:

    Awesome article!

    77 days ago

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags says:

    Great ! Yes sometimes mistakes makes great ideas :)) Dont lose hope , try again and again !

    77 days ago

  • chellecarmody1

    michelle from chellechet says:

    Thanks for the great advice and support!

    77 days ago

  • RoxyRoundhouse

    Roxy Roundhouse from HeartJewelryAlways says:

    I really wish easy would do their webcasts in the evening… the last one was in the middle of my work day on a Tuesday. Everyone I'm sure would have loved to been able to watch it…

    77 days ago

  • twodoormago

    Betoul from conversing says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

    77 days ago

  • Aristocrafts

    Aristocrafts from Aristocrafts says:

    Fantastic advice, this article came right on time :)! My advice would be, as a few sellers have already said, always listen to your customers and be opened to custom requests. They're fun, challenging, and it's amazing what wonderful products can result from brainstorming with your clients.

    77 days ago

  • sumonapalchoudhury

    Sumona Pal from WoolenWorld says:

    Really helpful insights which every seller on etsy should first consider before making their designs or products.

    77 days ago

  • DarburyCottage

    Rosemary Wascher from DarburyCottage says:

    Great inspiration.

    77 days ago

  • illuminativeharvest
  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects says:

    The Step 4 "put it to the test" is the most productive step for me. I make drawings or samples, then fully utilize my facebook page and blog for feedback, asking my wonderful friends, fans, and customers: "which do you like better-- this or this?" The answers often surprise me and will make me re-think and re-tweak my colors, designs, and directions-- saving me a lot of disappointment and grief down the road.

    77 days ago

  • crochetgal

    crochetgal from crochetgal says:

    Rather than make what you THINK will sell, make what you love and market to those who also love it! If you have an idea then run with it! There is a huge market out there and a home for just about everything. Look that the post-it note or paperclip. Both came from very humble beginnings.

    77 days ago

  • BackyardBrand

    Jim McLean from BackyardBrand says:

    "Make a mistake for me today. Go for broke."

    77 days ago

  • LedaDesign

    Leda Design from LedaDesign says:

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    77 days ago

  • lailakujala

    Laila Kujala from lailakujala says:

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    77 days ago

  • gypsygirlfashions

    Carol Joy from gypsygirlfashions says:

    This article is EXACTLY what I needed to read! Funny how that happens. I tend to jump into the listing part going through the other steps because I get so excited. Love the tips in this article, thanks so much! Carol Joy

    77 days ago

  • GemsBerry

    Natalie Kimura from GemsBerry says:

    Also learn from your customers. customers inquiries and custom orders can be the products that they can turn into a big hit.

    77 days ago

  • stonebridgeworks

    stonebridgeworks from stonebridgeworks says:

    Sometimes making gifts for friends turn into product ideas, like our hers & hers handcranked socks. Thanks for the advice!

    77 days ago

  • StudioCherie

    Cherie Killilea from StudioCherie says:

    Excellent job summarizing the process. Nice article

    77 days ago

  • fbessentials

    Carlee from fbessentials says:

    This was perfect and to the point. At this time of year it is good to re-evaluate your shop, products and ideas. I am in the process if adding to my line now and this was very helpful

    77 days ago

  • BlueMoonLights

    Alexandra Simons from BlueMoonLights says:

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    77 days ago

  • JillianReneDecor

    Jillian Carmine from JillianReneDecor says:

    Audrey - this article is fantastic! It really does nail the key points. The more passionate you are about the process and all of that hard work that goes on behind the scenes, the greater the potential for landing a successful product.

    77 days ago

  • joykruse

    Joy Kruse from joykruse says:

    Great article and very true. I have learned so much being an Etsy seller. I do not even realize the steps I have learned through the whole process until I sit down and talk to a new artist who has never sold online or on Etsy....and Thanks Etsy for being in exsistance! I couldn't do it without you. Thank you again Etsy for always evolving. I know we don't always like change but change is good and necessary. The new 'add pricing' to the varations in our shops is amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you for being my silent business partner. It has been a great ride.

    77 days ago

  • Quillr

    Molly Smith from Quillr says:

    Great advice and suggestions. I like under No 4, Put it to the Test. I often ask for feedback on my blog, for my other store, when unsure about an idea. Thanks!

    77 days ago

  • TheCuttingBoardShop

    Larry And Valeria from TheCuttingBoardShop says:

    Thank you so very much for the great advice.

    77 days ago

  • ManInTheMoonHerbs

    ManInTheMoonHerbs from ManInTheMoonHerbs says:

    Great article! One thing I try to keep in mind when creating something to sell online is how will I package and ship it? Will it need so much packaging to keep it safe that the postage will be too high compared to the price? I got this bit of wisdom right here on Etsy! A seller from Canada was talking about how she deigned her products to fit Canada's "slot of doom" in order to keep shipping costs more affordable.

    77 days ago

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    michelle from barleyandflax says:

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    Prayer Notes by Cynthia from PrayerNotes says:

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    77 days ago

  • FreshRetroGallery

    Elizabeth Knaus from FreshRetroGallery says:

    Vintage brass with history started my wheels turning. I recently added 4 new products. Three include upcycling wine bottles with “jewelry” that converts them into a cool wall hanging, vase and candle holder for celebration centerpieces. Many people have access to them and respect recycling. A personalized money clip and initial card combo mixes in because guys need gifts and it goes well with the industrial minimalist wedding theme. You provide great inspiration and advice in this post for designers of arts and crafts, thanks.

    77 days ago

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    Nicole Hamm from CozyKidsDesigns says:

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    Pierr Morgan from pierrmorgan says:

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    Mai Bull-Roberts from Diecutslovepaper says:

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  • AlicesFavorites

    Alice Carrier from AlicesFavorites says:

    Thanks for these great ideas. I suggest that you look around yourself for ideas. My biggest seller is something I had made for myself to use to extend my own jewelry. I knew it would work because it was just what I needed and I use it all the time. Then I had the though that others would need the same thing, so I listed them in several versions. I'm still making them!

    77 days ago

  • isewcute

    June from isewcute says:

    I can see how important it is to have some strategy in place to outline one's path to success. I've been just doing what I love...creating helter skelter without thinking things through. I wonder if I follow this plan where it may lead. Thank you for sharing & inspiring!

    77 days ago

  • whateverworks

    Andrea NIchole Still from WhateverWorks says:

    There's some great advice about uniting the left & right brains. Us crafty types become attached to our creations & we forget that we're also running a business. We may want some darling project to be a success when it's just not marketable. Sometimes we need a reminder to be objective. Thanks!

    77 days ago

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    Tracey from BalloonSkins says:

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    Mic Mai from MicDesign0 says:

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  • autumnhillllamas

    Emaly Leak from autumnhillllamas says:

    Very interesting! I also think its important when developing a new product that it still "fits" with the rest of what is in your shop. Some sort of cohesiveness will make your shop more unique and memorable.

    77 days ago

  • juliekarsky

    Julie Karsky from juliekarsky says:

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    Liz Gale from frillyscarvesbyliz says:

    Great advise. I'm going to be adding new and different items to my shop soon. Thanks!

    77 days ago

  • lalunnaturals

    Lalun Naturals from lalunnaturals says:

    Good points! I would add that timing is another factor. Don't shelve a product if it doesn't immediately fly off the shelves. The timing may not be right for customers to appreciate what you have created. You may need a few years for society to catch up. Ten years ago natural perfumes were virtually unknown. Today they are gaining the recognition they deserve. Make what you love and stick to it!

    77 days ago

  • PearlAmourJewels

    Asma from PearlAmourJewels says:

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  • msw2011

    Sharon Weaver from msw2011 says:

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    77 days ago

  • RedGirlGifts

    Sarah Brewer from TheCuriosCabinet says:

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  • InnaBagaeva

    Inna Bagaeva from InnaBagaeva says:

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  • artbyterencejohn

    Terence Cleary from southcoaststudio says:

    Here's the thing, as I see it - have fun !...otherwise why bother....well you know. great advice - I'm sixty two - if I just knew it all when I was twenty ! oh.. wait a minute I DID...... Cheers

    77 days ago

  • BlueCopperDesigns

    Vanessa Prieto from BlueCopperDesigns says:

    Great tips! It's gratifying to know I'm doing something right. You should see my idea book! lol

    77 days ago

  • silverlakeforge

    William Jones from silverlakeforge says:

    Make what you love? Make what will sell? Sometimes you find a middle ground.

    77 days ago

  • charhowington

    char from BluebirdClay says:

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    I'm developing 2 new products after almost a year as an Etsy seller - lots of prototyping and cost calculations for one, and researching textile printers for the other which will be an entirely new-to-market product filing a gap I uncovered while creating the current range in my store. Have essentially given up my day job to dedicate to the task, and sold my apartment to fund. Read - SCARY but EXCITING! Development TIP: Free online survey services like Survey Monkey are a great way to test images with friends/family and see what appeals most, to help direct your creative curatorial decisions.

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    What wonderful, insightful comments! I love that so many of you mention custom orders as a source of inspiration and product development. While that wasn't a focus of this article, I agree it can be a wonderful product development tool, especially as your shop evolves. I also love the suggestion several of you made to use social media for your product testing phase. What a great way to seek out feedback!

    77 days ago

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    This is great advice and it comes at the perfect time for me. Thank you so much for this insightful information.

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    Thank you, Audrey, for breaking it down. I have been working on perfecting the first pieces of my Spring and Summer jewelry and getting ready to start running with it. I can feel I'm on the right track with a "schedule" like this work with. Timely information as well!

    77 days ago

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    Thank you for the great article. Very informative...

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    Thanks Audrey for sharing and helping me to remain focused. I appreciate the many tips you have listed and will use them in making my creativity become a successful business!!

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    Simple and clear. Thanks Audrey.

    77 days ago

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    Thanks so much for the great tips. I've only had my shop for a cole months now and am learning a lot. Love reading all the other peoples comments and ideas too. Looking forward to finding my way into running a successful shop. Thanks again.

    77 days ago

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    All good steps to follow! Thank you!

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    Thank you for these great tips. We just started our shop, so this information is very helpfull.

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    Good Advice. I agree to let your mind wander- but then you need to reign in your ideas and test, test, test your products. Do your research. I see so many "newbies" selling potentially unsafe products- bath & body, fragrance- I am sure it is without intent. It isn't as easy as whipping up a product in your kitchen one day and selling it the next.

    76 days ago

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    This post and the comments are really useful,i do so Love this etsy sharing and caring,helping other shops, Its so great to have in this crazy mass produced world thank you everyone and good luck with the ideas,shops etc. Again many thanks

    76 days ago

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    Good ideas and fun to read. Thank you.

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    Great advice when needed most. Thanks

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    Great tips and lots to think about, thanks X

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    Fantastic post! So good to have these reminders. It really pays to slow it down and develop products that match the vision.

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    Thanks for this informative article!

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    Great tips...very useful, and I'll be sure to put it to action - thanks! :-)

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    Most useful tips!! Interesting note that the custom orders lead you in different directions. I specialize in 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture. My customers lead me into 1:6 scale items for Barbie and Blythe. It is a whole new world! Fabrics and trims that will not work in the smaller scale are perfect for the larger scale. I am learning new things every day!! Loving it!

    76 days ago

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    Joanne Dohr from Dogdohr says:

    Great ideas. I have a very small audience for my choke chain necklaces, but I love them so much I am not going to stop making them!

    76 days ago

  • RomeoRomeo

    anna from RomeoRomeo says:

    Thanks for a timely reminder to break it all down into steps. I definitely agree with the part about the value of "custom orders' - some of my best sellers have come from ideas developed to meet a customers request/ special order. This is a great article for this time of the year when many of us are updating/re-jigging our shops. Thanks again, Ana

    76 days ago

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    Thank you for the great information! Olivia

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    Great advice in this wonderful article!

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    Thank you, this list is very useful! :)

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    Thank you for this great advice. Like other sellers have mentioned earlier, I too get inspiration from custom orders which in turn develops into new designs and products for my shop.

    76 days ago

  • hedgerowhandmade

    Ruth Fisher from HedgerowBags says:

    Great advice, thank you. Like other sellers have mentioned earlier, I too get inspiration from Custom Orders which in turn allows me to develop and create new designs for my shop.

    76 days ago

  • hedgerowhandmade

    Ruth Fisher from HedgerowBags says:

    Thanks for this great advice. Like others have mentioned earlier, I too am inspired by my custom orders to develop new designs for my bags and cases.

    76 days ago

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    Thanks. Good advice. Working on some children's puppets. They are sure fun to make.

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    Implementing these steps right away, thank you !

    76 days ago

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    Eileen from glassesbyme says:

    Thanks for your interesting information. I've had hand painted glasses in my store for quite some time. I sold a couple of custom orders, They are of great quality but I can't see how anyone can find my store with so many of them out there. I'm using the advertising options but I can't seem to attract customers. What would a suggestion be to try to get my shop noticed. Some people have favorite my product and my shop but I can't seem to get the sales up. I have more to add to my store and will be working on that this weekend. If you have any suggestions for noticeability, please let me know your suggestions. Any suggestions would help.

    76 days ago

  • natharrison1

    Natali from DizzySheepUK says:

    Hi Eileen, few suggestions for you: -register as a team member (any one you like, or even few ..) -take part in games and promotions -create a treasury -favourite items of other sellers, your team mates -if you find an hour a day for a team work you do not need to pay for advertising options .... you will get much better outcome...

    76 days ago

  • MontclairMade

    Claire from MontclairMade says:

    I love research and development on new ideas! If they fail I learn and move on, no worries. True, custom orders are great resources!

    76 days ago

  • NauticalABC

    Rob Neff from NauticalABC says:

    I like these five sensible steps -- It can still be creative if you follow a procedure that drives to good products. Remember too, that a product is something you make to sell at a profit, not something that you can make because you can.

    76 days ago

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    I think I've learned another little lesson here about marketing. Thanks1

    76 days ago

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    oh yes! So thank you! I am in the developing and testing of my new product and these question fit so well!

    76 days ago

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    Great advice, many thanks! I also agree with the one saying 'make what you love' that is where the passion for your business will come from and listen to your feedback whether good or otherwise. Your products need to evolve or the business will grow stagnant. Above all enjoy what you do!

    76 days ago

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    Thank you again Etsy for your continual tips in helping us be better sellers!

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    Thank you for the advice, so great to be picking up new tips and lessons along the way.

    75 days ago

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    Good article Audrey, I think the key points like you said is to think outside the box. Researching to see if there is a market for your product is prudent but sometimes we may have to see about setting the trend and just try to make our own market. For us we've done both and we also continue to listen to our customers who have brought lots of ideas to our table and then offering them to others. Creativity makes our business that much more fun! Thank you Audrey.

    75 days ago

  • meredithamand

    meredithamand from ThePaperyCraftery says:

    Often, when a new design isn't going to plan, I discover a new technique to use in the future!

    75 days ago

  • thejarvis

    Shawne and Emily Jarvis from JarvisCo says:

    Wow, this is advice that actually works in the real world!! I have been a part of product development teams at my workplace and we can learn a thing or two from this arcticle! Thank you for the clear direction! Shawne

    75 days ago

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    Thanks Audrey this information will help me set up in 2014. You rock!

    75 days ago

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    Great ideas! I like to experiment with new techniques and take inspiration from nature for my jewelry. I have so many ideas and I hope to transform them into something concrete.

    75 days ago

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    This is so helpful. Thank you!

    74 days ago

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    Fantastic article! I often listen to customer requests and it also helps to play with variations on the listings to know what my customers will pick. It is sometimes hard to take the time to think outside the box, but the rewards are great!

    74 days ago

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    Great advice, thank you.

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    I am a beginner seller, I have no other tips to add. I can really learn from your advice. These 5 steps and all your tips are fundamental, thank you very much.

    73 days ago

  • MoreEthicalDesign

    Antonella Abbrancati from MoreEthicalDesign says:

    I have no other tips to add, because I just started. I can really learn from your advice. These 5 steps and all your tips are fundamental, thank you very much.

    73 days ago

  • MoreEthicalDesign

    Antonella Abbrancati from MoreEthicalDesign says:

    Sorry I repeated for error

    73 days ago

  • staceytreasures

    Stacey Roth from staceytreasures says:

    This is the time of year I have more time to craft new ideas. I've started making bags out of Pendleton wool & gypsy bracelets. It seems my shop is always evolving.

    73 days ago

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    Great article...lots of new ideas/focus...

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    A very timely post for me. This is one I'll definitely bookmark.

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    thanks for sharing, I love the roaming eye of the maker, I too seek inspiration from all that surrounds me, its a beautiful world.

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    Great advice! Thank you for inspire me!

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    Yes, the tree that doesn't bend in the wind breaks. Change is good. Embrace it, and flow with it. Another great article. Thanks!

    65 days ago

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    I agree with everything you pointed out in your article.

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  • jewelrybydesign54 says:

    Great article...have I forgotten how to think outside the box?? Time to get back on board...

    63 days ago

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    good article

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    I learn from this!

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    Fabulous advice - and I agree with others that customers are central to this process. I wouldn't have dreamt of developing my baby shower decorations if a customer hadn't asked me for some smaller versions of my regular shoes, and now they form 90% of my sales!

    62 days ago

  • thepaperneedle says:

    Great information!! Thank you.

    62 days ago

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    great advice, has anyone followed these steps successfully. how did you do your research?

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    Just started re-listing after a break, this has been a great article to read and to take on board, also some of the comments have been super helpful. I am looking forward to my businesses future on Etsy.

    61 days ago

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    Great tips and practical advice! As a seller of vintage items, it makes me stop and think about what I am listing.

    61 days ago

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    Serena Yu from PalaceJewelry says:

    One of my biggest interest is designing earrings. I have been designing earrings for years....I enjoy it a lot and I always wear what I made. After years of designing experience, my skills are improved. Until last year, I decided to use high quality materials such as gemstone and 14k gold filled wires to make my earrings. And now I have created my own brand and selling on etsy! :)

    61 days ago

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    thanks so much for the tips

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    Great advice! I'm going to test out some new swarovski designs over the next week before I list them. Thanks.

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    Great advice... I love articles that offer advice about product development.

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    Thanks for the article. Written so clear and professional , In a way it can be learned and implement easily.

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    Good article! It's nice too see so many creative people in one place... our etsy sales have overtaken our ebay sales for the 1st time. Keep up the good work Etsy people!

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    The articles I see featured here are good for the new artisans who are creating for an internet type of client. Those of us who have been creating longer than most of the artisans on Etsy have been alive have other issues yet to be addressed. I exhibited my jewelry at a craft fair for the first time in 1978. I have always drawn from my ethnicity and circumstances for inspiration and not current trends. On the odd times I have attempted trendy items they were disasters. My mom and I have had to quit the craft fairs for health reasons. We were quite sucessful but I can not get that sucess to translate to internet. I planned and aquired items to sell for six months expecting the same sort of sales. I started selling over the computer six months ago and still can't break even with all the fees! I even sell items at half of what I got at the craft fairs but then I get told since the price is so low it must be fake. How about some articles from artisans who have made a sucessful change to internet sales from face to face sales. I don't need to know how to change what I make. I would love to do custom orders and help restore family items like I always did only the forum of sale needs to change. I know I am not the only person who is having this problem. After all is said and done, the more I can make the more income for Etsy, right. Please help us 'old' guys out! I don't want to sound angry because I'm not. I am just frustrated to the point of exaserbasion.

    51 days ago

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    Interesting article! I will have to see how it applies to my new shop. Thanks!

    50 days ago

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    Thanks for the advice. I am in the process of adding variety to my shop so I am right at this point of figuring out what to sell next.

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    Thanks for the information, helpful!

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    Great ideas! Thank you!

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    This actually came as a validation to my process right now! I just opened my shop and am having to rethink some things. Thanks for the read!

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    I am a newbie as well. This time I am determined to put the time and effort into making this work, thinking and rethinking is a must. Thank you for the info!

    50 days ago

  • onedaysgracenz

    Deborah McGregor from onedaysgracenz says:

    My sister and I have an annual routine for working out what our new items will be. The ideas come from study of history books as our product (rosaries) is centuries old so we look to incorporate old ideas in new ways. Once we've worked out what design features we will, we go through all our sales for the past 12 months in each product group we sell, and examine what the common features are in the ones that sell well. Then we match our new design ideas with the best selling features from the previous year to come up with new products. We have found that the basic design features that create the best sellers do change over time in subtle but significant ways. Size of beads, type of center connector, style of cross, lengths of rosaries - these all are subject to fashion and it is important to keep the current trends in our new designs. This way seems to work for us.

    50 days ago

  • thebutterflyquilter

    Patricia Caldwell from thebutterflyquilter says:

    Great article! Love this. I tried something new this year and it seems to be working. A new product line and love doing it. I usually make three of my design to put in my store and see if it sells! That way I know if I have a market for it or not!

    50 days ago

  • annecorr1

    anne corr from modestly says:

    For me the key is authenticity. I think the shops that are producing goods they really believe in stand out. Then it helps to know what your own goals are - mine is not making sales; it is about retaining curiosity and staying interested in making. A platform really helps me to do that. The end sale is a bonus, but not the goal for me. I love the feedback from team members and customers, and making to commission was a new venture for me last year, which I absolutely loved. To be involved in a strangers engagement proposal in such a profound way was life enhancing. I like engaging in Etsy for all those reasons. Understanding SEO is the challenge I have given myself!

    50 days ago

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    Thank you for the article. I have found new in-site on design and use for my products. I also will pay close attention to custom order ideas in my line for spring and summer.

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    Thank you for the great tips.

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    Thanks--I've been giving a lot of thought to this idea and these steps help.

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    Nice this really helped me out. I guess its back to the drawing board

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    Many of my items evolved from what customers wanted... Interesting to see the progression with the functionality too. Great tips here.

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    great comments fron forum readers

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    Great tips and steps. I'm developing new products right now. It's so hard to wait it out when you're excited about getting it to the public, but so necessary. New product development has taught me patience again and again. It's worth the wait.

    42 days ago

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    Lisa Hand from LisaHANDdesigns says:

    Custom orders get people purchasing - that's eye opening! My vision needs to be my customers vision. That's it! That's what my 3 month old shop needs! (now I just have to carve out time after my FT job...) Incredible products are great - I envision them being bought up - What's the key to go beyond being favorited to being sought-after?

    42 days ago

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    Thank-You for such great tips. My goal is too leave my full time job do what is in my heart. I have been working with glass for a long time and I continue to fine tune my work. But most of all I love what I do

    42 days ago

  • ExclusiefByVera

    Vera Tempelmans Plat from ItsVera says:

    Great article. I'm always looking for new designs to use with my materials. Creating is on going, it never stops. We must keep on coming up with new ideas. That's what keeps my Etsy shop fresh and why customers become repeat customers. Loving Etsy

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    Thank you, this was a good read with helpful ways to get motivated!

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    Though I am so new to Etsy- I love reading everything Etsy sends me. This is food for thought... Thank you for always helping us through our journeys.

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  • educationandmore

    Kare from TheFairLine says:

    Just last week I had a brainstorming session with 2 friends for my new products for fall and winter 2014 --- actually held it at a Starbucks and enjoyed a wonderful long morning sipping hot chai and discussing every aspect of new products! Now I have so many ideas that I am brimming with excitement over them!! Thanks for a great article! Kare

    42 days ago

  • BreeRichmondDesign says:

    I let my customers tell me what to design next. If I get enough custom orders for something, I consider creating a permanent listing based on those requests. I also pay close attention to which words people are looking for. If I have one thing tagged "circus" and it gets tons of views, I create more circus-themed items. Its a matter of demand and supply. :)

    42 days ago

  • dawnatkin

    Dawn Atkin from Lithology says:

    New ideas are my favorite part. I am always happiest sitting in the sun sketching. The problem I have is the time lag. As the article notes, inspiration to finished product takes significant time. I am currently very inspired by Spring colors and bright flowers, but by the time they work their way through the process, it will be late Summer. My latest work in my shop is all deep reds and blacks - Fall colors. Sigh. I need to either make the process faster or take 6 months longer. : )

    42 days ago

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    Very tasty food for thought! I appreciate the information in this article.

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  • AbleAprons

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    This is such helpful information, and I love the reminder to not push it. There have been fabrics or styles that I thought, oh yes, this is definitely going to be my most popular apron, only to find out it wasn't at all. You just got to go with the flow and be open minded in this type of business. That's part of the reason I love it so much!

    41 days ago

  • trilliumbotanicals says:

    Nicely focused points, thank you! It's true most of my blends began as custom blends for friends or family that got great feedback! I was also just coming up with spring specials last night, so this has spurred me on! Thanks for providing structure and encouragement!

    41 days ago

  • PoppleStonePapers

    Betty Kelley from PoppleStonePress says:

    I love the comment about retaining a cohesiveness in your shop when introducing a new product, and also how mistakes can actually lead to creating new designs or product lines. I make paste papers and craft them into luminaria. I recently introduced a line of origami Masu nesting boxes from papers that I couldn't use for my luminaria. For example, they might have had a tiny bit of paint splattered on the plain side of the paper and the inside of my luminary pieces need to be perfectly problem for an origami box that has the white side of the paper permanently folded down. It was such great fun to develop a completely new product crafted from papers I had set aside for something that I was sure would eventually present itself!

    41 days ago

  • MyCatLucy

    Nancy Sideris from MyCatLucy says:

    I agree with the comment about custom orders. A lot of my ideas come from my own customers and I love that! It makes it more of a group effort and I just tweak it to my standards.

    41 days ago

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    Great tips. Thanks for putting this together!

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    This is a great article for me at the moment as I need to develop some new designs. Thank you so much for the useful pointers.

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    This article is timed perfectly! And I enjoyed reading through all the comments, occasionally veering off into various shops along the way. I have found many new products to favorite, and also a few new ideas for new ornaments I plan to implement soon. I have many interests, but trying to keep a cohesive shop is key. I'm afraid to have too many items that are too diverse. Thanks for all the great info!

    41 days ago

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    This article has really helped me a lot, I was ready to start my own shoppe and after reading this I have decided to stop and take a step backwards and do some more revision and revise some items,,,,, thanks a lot......

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    lovexlikexpoison says:

    These were wonderful tips! I've always been a "wing it" kind of person who just made the kind of jewelry I would like myself. I never did "custom" jobs because I felt like it would take away from my natural process. But for the last few years I've listened a little more to feedback from my family and friends and gotten more creative thanks to their ideas. I'll be doing my very first craft fair this May and am eager to make new jewelry loosely-based on Market research and such. That way, I can still make things that are a reflection of me/my mood while also spicing things up and paying attention to what customers are interested in most in order to boost sales. ^__^

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    I could not agree more with letting your mind "land in wild places." My experience has always been the off-the-beaten-path ideas seem to gain the most traction. Do what you love. Give your customers the best product you can and run your business with integrity. Success will follow.

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    my entire shop came from inspiration from my photography hobby. I haven't successfully incorporated that with my products yet, but am always working with it. I love nature photography and studied business in school. I wanted to make a product that would put my photography to use and realized I could transfer it to jewelry. I started testing this idea with scrap booking embellishment materials as an inexpensive alternative while researching a professional way to copy similar effects from jeweler blogs and tutorials. I bought some blank jewelry pendants, resin, and scrap booking paper to take my trials to the next step and my first product was born. My products and passions are always re-inventing themselves and I love using Etsy as an outlet because of its organic and nature-inspired market. It does take time working on a new product. It's been almost a year since I began trying and many other great things have come from it. Thanks for the advice and reminding us that we aren't alone.

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    always great advice for support on Etsy! My shop was born out of my affection for vintage fabrics. Although my product may not ground breaking, the materials I use inspire me for the next project while I may be working on a current one. It's always a work in progress for me.

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    I agree with the test, test, test suggestion that someone made. My daughter is always very happy to receive a new bracelet. I know that if my bracelet stands up over time with her horse nibbling on the charm and clasp, and the rough conditions she exposes it to, that it is durable and practical. Plus, she offers me feedback on complements from her friends, etc. Testing your product out first is always great advice.

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  • Lapetiteaiguille

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    Un grand merci pour la lecture de cet l'article .Un bravo de Paris

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