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Angie Johnson
Angie Johnson

Angie Johnson is a fashion designer based in Montreal, Canada. She established her line, Norwegian Wood, to fulfill her desire to create unique and wearable accessories. Her work can also be found at Free People and Topshop.

When Tyson and I got engaged in 2008, the first thing we decided was that we wanted to invite as many friends and family members as possible. Sharing such a special moment with the people we love was of the utmost importance. Since both of us have large families and many friends — most of whom live in or around Montreal — we decided that an informal country style wedding would be the most cost efficient way to deal with an extensive guest list.

As Tyson and I are self-employed, our wedding budget was very modest. We knew right off the bat that we would have to get creative. But really, would we want it any other way?

Holding the wedding on a nearby family farm ensured that all relatives could attend.
The groomsmen each wore a custom wooden medal.

The first thing we decided on was the location. My parents live just outside of a very small town in rural Manitoba (population: 300). They have a large yard, so we knew this was the perfect solution. From there we thought about what was truly necessary for people to have a great time. We came up with three essentials: food, drink and shelter.

Food and drink were easy enough. We decided that a giant tent was the best way to keep everyone warm and dry, in case of bad weather. We spent the majority of our budget on those three main points, giving us the opportunity to be creative with everything else. We wanted this day to be a true reflection of us as a couple. Time and time again we felt pressure to do things a certain way. In the end, the question we asked ourselves was, “Are we doing this because we want to, or because we think we should?” By keeping this question in our minds while making decisions, we were able to stay focused on creating the wedding we truly wanted.

The bright colours of the wedding are an homage to Tyson’s colourful art, as well as a practical solution to the problem of finding affordable seating for so many people. The orange, yellow, and turquoise chairs belong to the town where our wedding took place. Growing up, I spent several nights arranging and stacking those very same chairs at town events in our local hall.

The bridesmaids' dresses were created from Butterick's Walk-Away dress pattern.
"Time and time again we felt pressure to do things a certain way. In the end, the question we asked ourselves was, 'Are we doing this because we want to, or because we think we should?'"
Custom wine labels add a personal touch.
Hand-crafted paper decorations created a perfect backdrop for photographs.

We took the DIY approach to almost everything. We created our own table arrangements using mason jars filled with flowers from my mom’s garden and greenery cut from the ditches along my parents’ yard. We even snuck in some canola from my grandpa’s field — sorry, Gramps! With the help of my bridesmaids, I did my own makeup, hair, and nails. The cake was made by my sister, and the cupcakes and macaroons were the creation of my bridesmaids, Yana and Elaine. Prior to the wedding, I held a few crafting parties with my bridesmaids. Together we created the decorations, as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses which we cut from a vintage Butterick sewing pattern.

An ultimate vintage score — a wedding dress that doesn't break the bank. Shop vintage wedding dresses.
A customized wooden medal adds an edge to a traditional dress.

My dress was a vintage find at a used clothing wholesaler that sells clothing by weight. Thankfully, tulle is quite light so my dress ended up costing around $5! I accessorized with a vintage belt and jewelry, as well as a headpiece I made myself. One of my favorite details were the laser cut wooden medals made for the entire wedding party. This was a collaboration between myself and Mike & Judy of Miji. I was so happy with how they came out — just as I imagined them! After many requests, we’re now offering versions of them in both of our shops! 

Forget-me-not ring by Curly Girl Glass
Custom-made wedding book by Broundoor

Yes, we are indeed a crafty bunch. However, for quite a few items we went straight to Etsy to get what we needed: the cake topper, our rings, vintage quilts, metal tins, and even my corset

While chairs were given to older relatives, other guests sat on quilts spread out on the grass.
Pine trees provided the backdrop for the informal, country ceremony.
The bride and groom take advantage of a photo op.
The bridal party played kazoos as they processed down the aisle.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Our large bridal party filed down the aisle playing “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da” on kazoos — yes, kazoos. Tyson’s brother officiated and his little sister was the ring bearer. Our parents and elderly relatives sat on chairs, while the rest of our guests either stood or spread out vintage quilts and took a seat on the grass. After the ceremony, the guests mingled around my parents’ yard, and then filtered into the tent for dinner, speeches and dancing.

Angie and Tyson take their first walk as a married couple.
Wild flowers from neighboring fields filled mason jars to create colorful centerpieces.
The dessert buffet offered many tasty options. Shop macarons on Etsy.
The reception tent was decorated with the groom's colorful artwork.

In lieu of hiring a band or DJ for the event, we created playlists on our iPod titled, “Dinner/mingling,” “First Dances,” and “Dance/party.” We received many compliments on the music, and felt happy to hear all of our favorite songs throughout the day. This method also made for some serendipitous moments, such as when the entire wedding party approached the buffet to start the meal and “Crimson and Clover” cued up just as everyone began walking. Pretty epic song to start a meal!


Because I am a designer, photography is very important to me. I felt it was crucial that we hire photographers who truly understood our style and the look we wanted to achieve. I was so happy when I found Jake and Jess of KampPhotography. They were exactly what I was looking for. After all, if you’re going to invest so much effort in planning a magical day, shouldn’t it be documented perfectly?

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    Thanks so much for sharing! My husband's and my 1 year anniversary is this week. In celebration, I'm doing a series of posts on my blog reviewing our DIY wedding projects: http://www.thezenofmaking.com/ Best wishes and congrats!

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    iheartnorwegianwood says:

    The groomsman in the aviators is my studio mate Marc Simard, who created our wedding album! There's a link to his shop in the post, he's awesome...and so fun to share a studio with!

    5 years ago

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  • KellyCreekGallery

    KellyCreekGallery says:

    Very heart warming! This was a day I'm sure you 2 will never forget. You could see love in every photo. I was married in the early 70's and remember how wonderful things used to be with our wonderful carefree hippie days. It's nice to know there are people around who are on the same wave lengths! Absolutely beautiful!

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    JanEleven says:

    So sweet. One of the best things is that in many wedding photos you could cover up the faces and not know who's wedding it is - yours is so personal and unique, and you will have memories that are only yours.

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    beautiful, just gorgeous! and congrats! though i am still in the process of getting it up on my etsy site, for any of you etsy people looking to get hitched, or who know someone who is, the poetry store is available for hire at weddings! & for wedding poems for you & your guests! what does that mean? i'll write you and your guests poems about anything you want, on the spot, with my vintage red royal typewriter, on beautiful hand-selected paper. see the place cards/poetry frames i made for a & j's wedding & read a little about it here: http://thepoetrystore.net/events/the-poetry-store-does-weddings/ or, if you don't want to have me at your wedding, i'll make custom poetry art pieces which make a wonderful addition to every table! http://tinyurl.com/2c7d6f7

    5 years ago

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  • EmeraldPixie

    EmeraldPixie says:

    If my husband and I ever renew our vows, I would do love to have a handmade wedding. I did make my jewelry to match my dress for my wedding, but that's it.

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  • FeltShmelt

    FeltShmelt says:

    Gorgeous wedding! Congratulations! My fiance and I are focusing a lot on DIY for our wedding and this got us so inspired. Thank you!

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  • aristocratandthat

    aristocratandthat says:

    I just love the brides made dresses, I too had a sort of a retro wedding , but mine wore black tea cup length dresses, the candies were all wrappped in retro paper in the middle of a silver tin with diamond rocks as each tables place setting ..

    4 years ago

  • aristocratandthat

    aristocratandthat says:

    I just love the brides made dresses, I too had a sort of a retro wedding , but mine wore black tea cup length dresses, the candies were all wrappped in retro paper in the middle of a silver tin with diamond rocks as each tables place setting ..

    4 years ago

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    JuliaJove says:

    I love this! Your wedding made me wish I had been there! It speaks of warmth, intimacy, family and lots of love. So much thought in every detail. Bravo! Great job and thanks for sharing your special day! Blessings, Julia

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    That picture of you and your girls is "Priceless". Thank you for share all your beautiful fun filled ideas with us. Best wishes!

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  • bayoubohemian

    bayoubohemian says:

    I love the outcome of all the hands on creations. My hubby and I wed 3 years ago and made just about everything ourselves. With lots of help from our friends and family, from food to decorating, working from my notebook of ideas while using our handmade decorations. You can see our day captured by visiting lovehappyhandmadewedding.blogspot.com. My dear friends' wed in just a few short weeks and it will be a handmade vintage inspired deep south summer wedding. Thanks for the inspiration!

    4 years ago

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  • EnriqueArtwerk

    Enrique garcia says:

    My fiance and I share this account of Etsy..I am Jennifer and today I was meant to find this post and this wedding for the push and inspiration I needed. I feel we were struggling a little along the way to cater to all possible expectations of our guests and the wedding planning started to get hazy and lacked luster. Thank you for words that were hidden in our hearts "TIME AND TIME AGAIN WE FELT PRESSURE TO DO THINGS A CERTAIN WAY. IN THE END, THE QUESTION WE ASKED OURSELVES WAS, 'ARE WE DOING THIS BECAUSE WE WANT TO, OR BECAUSE WE THINK WE SHOULD?'' Now I know we should continue with what we really want. Beautiful wedding and many blessings and fruitful energy to you and your husband. Thanks for sharing.

    2 years ago

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