Start With Art: Gifts for Newlyweds

May 17, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Samantha Reitmayer

Samantha Reitmayer Sano is a Dallas-based graphic designer, blogger, studio owner and part-time interior designer. Her blog, style/SWOON, is a collection of design-related images and concepts that cross her path.

It’s wedding season! And the truth is, I have a hard time buying gifts from a registry, especially for close friends. In my opinion, art is something many newlyweds would like, but few think they can afford. I’m a stickler for original art whenever possible, and I love that Etsy supports artists from all over the world. From Dallas to New York to England to Hungary, art is a common language we all share. Whether it’s one piece of art or a little collection to jump-start a dear friend’s gallery wall, art makes a meaningful, long-lasting gift.

Layers are so pretty and give art tremendous depth, but don’t go all-in on anything. Throw in a wild card just to keep everyone on their toes.

Pick a unifying color and run with it, but add in black and white to break it up just a bit.

You can just get lost in these, can’t you? The patience in creating and the repetition are somehow both mind-boggling and soothing.

Graphic Groupie

As a graphic designer, it’s hard to not be drawn to the simplicity and beauty of even a simple word like oui. I always encourage people to incorporate graphics.

If my gallery wall could have nine (or ninety) lives, this would be one — all black and white. Nothing says or means anything, it’s just all shapes to ponder. I like that.