Make a Bling Ring Photo Prop

April 4, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Brittany Watson Jepsen
Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen is a designer and crafter. Her motto is "a creative mess is better than tidy idleness." Find her on her blog, The House That Lars Built, and her Etsy shop, where she designs and sells kitchen accessories and all things floral.

Looking to create some memorable photos at your wedding? A clever photobooth prop can bring out party fever in your guests. This pair of wedding rings is both humorous and classy. They could be hung from a ceiling or held in hand by guests.

White paper 46 x 65 cm or 18.1 inches x 25.6 inches (I used Canson)
Mat board 100 x 70 cm or 39.4 inches x 27.6 inches
Gold glitter
Gold spray paint
Spray mount
X-acto knife
Cutting board
Double-sided tape or glue

To make the origami diamond
Step 1:
Create a square out of your Canson lighter paper by folding over one edge to the other edge of the paper.

Step 2: Cut off the remaining paper with your X-acto.

Step 3: Fold the diagonal. I noted the folds in the paper with pink lines, but it’s not necessary.

Step 4: Fold other diagonal.

Step 5: Fold the lines shown both forward and backward.

Step 6: Fold the paper from one corner to the opposite midpoint.

Step 7: Fold all the lines indicated by the pink lines.

Step 8: Push the sections indicated with the black lines under, making sure that the center is always pushed up from underneath.

Step 9: Squeeze the corners together and gather them in.

Step 10: Glue the insides to one another so it holds the shape.

To make the rings
Step 1:Cut out the wedding band by cutting out a circle from the mat board with your X-acto. The band is a basic circle 70 cm (27.6 inches) in diameter on the inside. The ring itself is 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) thick.

Step 2: To make the diamond ring, you can use the template, but also blow up the shape and trace around. The circle is still 70 cm in diameter, but it extends up about 19 cm (7.5 inches) from the inside of the ring to the top, and then 15 cm (5.9 inches) wide.

Step 3: Spray paint the band gold. I used an ultra-metallic for a lot of shine.

Step 4: With your spray mount glue, spray the top of the ring and then douse the glue with glitter and trickle it down as you go around the band so it creates an ombre effect.

To put the diamond and ring together

Step 1: With a pencil, trace the bottom shape of the diamond onto the top part of the wedding ring so that it will fit in nicely.

Step 2: Cut it out with an X-acto.

Step 3: Glue gun the inside of the ring and slide the diamond inside. Hold to secure.

You’re ready to go. Leave out the rings and let your guests go nuts. I’m sure they’ll be the hit of the party!

All photographs by Hilda Grahnat.