Better Off Wed

May 29, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Tina Albin-Lax

My name is Tina Albin-Lax, and I make personalized shabby chic wedding cake toppers in the Bay Area.

When it came time to design my wedding last summer, I went against the grain, rejected the Wedding Industrial Complex, and designed everything myself. Somewhere along the way I had this crazy idea that I would share my creations online to see what people thought of it. Before I knew it, I was designing not only my own wedding, but the weddings of couples all over the world. It was then and there that Better Off Wed was born.

My specialty is custom work, and I offer a wide range of colors and options. Couples can work with me to create something that’s unique to them and fits the color scheme and personality of their reception. In fact, many of my best selling designs were inspired by specific requests made by customers. I love it when customers send me photos of my toppers as part of their big day.[pullquote]I feel like a small part of me was actually there on that heart-fluttering, momentous occasion. That’s hugely gratifying.[/pullquote]

In my opinion, the most important question a couple should ask their wedding vendor is, “How will this memento help us remember we’re crazy in love? How will it help us remember the reasons why we made the wild decision to spend the rest of our lives together?”

Tina with her signature toppers; photo by Su Evers.
"My lovely gang of customers have incredible vision. I often feel like I’m their muse, listening to and interpreting their ideas for their perfect cake topper."
Tina using a laser cutter; photo by Su Evers.
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"Brides often tell me their super personal and touching love stories, and we work together to make something special."
Tina at work in her studio; photo by Su Evers.
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"A small part of me is actually there on the most important day of people’s lives. That’s extremely special."
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Shop wedding toppers.
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"Your wedding day is just the beginning of your adventure together, and like any good adventure there will be perils – snakes, barracudas, hurricanes – who knows! Anything that can bring you back to that day of total clarity, pure love and reckless excitement can be a lifeline."
Tina on her wedding day.