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Incredible Edible Todmorden

A small English town has embarked on an ambitious plan to achieve “food independence” — growing and raising everything it needs as a community.

118 handmade and vintage goods

Fresh Shop: Chieshop

Artist Chie Miyazaki combines illustration and ceramics to create objects full of friendly personality.

94 handmade and vintage goods

Explore Etsy on Flipboard

Customized Etsy Flipboard pages with bright photos, inspiring stories, and your favorite items offer an addictive new browsing experience.

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Shop Locally for Neighbouring Talent

Etsy’s UK & Ireland Promo Team is running a sale during the month of March to offer free P&P within the UK!

37 handmade and vintage goods

Real Weddings: An Elegantly Eco-Friendly Affair

Gregor and Lucy made a commitment to celebrate their day with simplicity and sustainability. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Lola Donoghue

“My paintings are captured moments of past experiences.” – Lola Donoghue

216 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Diana Parkhouse

“Yes, you can buy a ring dish from a department store, but you can’t buy a personalized one made by hand especially for you!” – Diana Parkhouse


Quit Your Day Job: The Paris Letters by JaniceArtShip

“I spent a year devising ways to bust out of cubicle land, including studying Quit Your Day Job on Etsy.” —Janice MacLeod

251 handmade and vintage goods

Fresh Shop: Voyage Immobile

A French artist discovered an unexpected passion for transforming found objects into delicate works that dance in the air.

53 handmade and vintage goods

Short Stories: Heinz Bean Can

These small fabric sculptures are like the love child of Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg.

80 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Zukr Boutique

“His granddad said he should be a baker, and the rest was history.” – Maggie Simak

302 handmade and vintage goods

Short Stories: Dry Those Tears Hankie

Inspired by midcentury hankies with secret messages, these silky beauties bear a message of support and encouragement.

48 handmade and vintage goods

Fresh Shop: Charlotte Mei

A ceramic artist in South London creates pieces full of candor and emotion.

118 handmade and vintage goods

Real Weddings: A Scottish Fling

This couple took a leap of faith, hosting a private ceremony for 14 guests in the gorgeous ruins of a Scottish castle they had never seen in person.

Short Story: British Pottery Shards

Washed up on the shore, these worn fragments hint at the stories of lost eras.

76 handmade and vintage goods

Ambassador Assignment: Twitter to Share Your Invitation in Meaningful Ways

From the invite page for your link, you can send an automated Tweet by pressing the Tweet button. There are ways, however, to talk about selling on Etsy and to engage your Twitter audience in genuine conversations. This will not only make someone feel better about clicking your link to start their own shop, but…

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Ambassadors Assignment: spread some Facebook love

Hello Ambassadors! From the feedback we’ve gotten so far, we learned that many of you would like to share your knowledge and free listings link via Facebook. Facebook, like other social media channels, is a great way to build relationships with your customers and people who are interested in what you’re doing. What’s so important… handmade and vintage goods

Become an Etsy Ambassador

Do you find yourself saying, “You should open an Etsy shop!” to people in your community? Do you want to be an advocate for these budding Etsy entrepreneurs? We’re organizing a community of Etsy Ambassadors around the world to help new sellers build successful Etsy businesses.  We invite you to join our global movement! As…

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Welcome Etsy Ambassadors

Are you ready to help creative entrepreneurs in your community build thriving Etsy businesses? Download your Ambassador Toolkit* to access helpful materials and information. Get Your Ambassador Toolkit Make the most of your toolkit with this easy four-step plan: 1. Find your creative community. 2. Spread the word about selling on Etsy. 3. Help new…