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Discover Etsy: Sharing Stories with Jacqueline Colley

Nov 26, 2019

by Emma handmade and vintage goods

We are continuing to shine a spotlight on our wonderful sellers who have taken part in our recent Discover Etsy campaign. This week we hear from Jacqueline Colley – winner of our Discover Etsy competition with Kat Williams. So let’s hear from Jacqueline herself…

Jacqueline Colley is a printed textile designer based in Hackney, she specialises in creating unique prints inspired by habitats
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I’ve had an Etsy account for years but neglected it, then I was next to the very lovely Kate Rowland at a Christmas market and she was telling me how brilliant Etsy is, for some reason it hadn’t occurred to me to sell on another online platform. I’d been tinkering away with my own online shop but getting crickets so she suggested I broaden my horizons! It suddenly clicked that I could reach a totally new audience from selling with Etsy, it was totally worth it and I’ve been uploading my new products ever since!

Love is Power Print, £35

Mainly prints both Risograph’s and Silk Screen’s, I love to use specialist inks like hand mixed pastel neons and golds that you can’t achieve through digital or Giclée printing, it makes the prints special and I love that. I also have three woven throw designs that I think are pretty special!

Woven Fruit Throw, £190
Tibetan Tiger Woven Throw, £190

I love to draw and all my products are the final outcome of an idea, that became a sketch, that became a product but my favourite to make is probably the silk screen prints. I go to a specialist studio near me to use their equipment and it’s such an exciting process; laying down each layer of colour, getting the registration just right but also seeing those unexpected quirks; like how the colours mix together or when a layer is slightly out; happy accidents of the hand made process! I suppose that prints are my favourite as they involve the most drawing! Creating the separate layers for screen and risograph printing is an epic drawing fest. I have a theory that my designs are fairly complicated because I love getting lost in the drawing process!

Jacqueline in her studio in Hackney

I think it’s good to regularly design new products, upload them and test them out. Though honestly I need to take my own advice there, I can be a bit sporadic! It’s also really important to have nice photographs of your products. I used to hate doing the photography but now that I have a bit of practice and some go to styling props, I enjoy the process and find it a lot easier. I also outsource photography about once a year to my friend Kayti Peschke who works her magic for me and makes my shop look a lot prettier!

She’s the Boss print, £23

I’m lucky as I’ve always had a pretty commercial style. I was picked up out of art school by H&M and I remember when I was there they complemented me on having a ‘commercial style’ which I found slightly enraging. I didn’t think it was very ‘cool’ to be commercial! >.< Then I spent 6 solid years in Fashion print design which instilled some good design habits like thinking about the end user, who would buy it, when should it launch etc, but equally I like to ignore all those rules and do things my own way! Most importantly I think about the final product and I design with that in mind.

At the moment I’m designing a new range of risograph prints which you can see popping up on my Instagram as I’m gathering feedback from my lovely followers before I go ahead and send them to print. I’m always striving to build a big range of prints where there’s something that suits every budget. Because my prints aren’t digital, I can’t offer them in lots of different sizes as that just wouldn’t be feasible so instead I have a strategy of creating different designs for different formats. I like my work to be accessible but then I also love designing into more luxury products like my woven throws!

Risograph and Giclée prints from £15

When thinking about dream commissions it’s tricky as there are so many things I’d love to do, designing fun patterned packaging for a cool brand would be one. I’d also love to design wallpaper for a heritage British brand like Cole & Son; that’s a life goal!

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