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Mums without labels

Mar 18, 2019

by Lara Watson handmade and vintage goods

We’re all different. Let’s ditch the stereotypes and embrace mums for who they are this Mother’s Day – and every day.

Motherhood often comes with categories: you’re an ‘old mum’ if you’re over 35. You have a loaded set of stereotypes to contend with if you’re a ‘teen mum’. ‘Working mums’ are expected to struggle with ‘mum guilt’ and ‘stay-at-home mums’ with the notion they somehow have an easy ride. But life doesn’t neatly fit into boxes and neither do people, so this Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all mums exactly as they are.

To that end, the Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide is divided up into six broad sections to easily find something special for the mums in your life this year, whether she’s your own ma, your partner, or a dear friend. They are: In bloom; Five minutes’ peace; First mother’s day; Must-haves for the home; Personal touch; and Printed perfection.

Maybe you want to put a bit more thought in than the go-to bouquet? Head to the ‘In bloom’ category for gorgeous floral-themed candles, flower decor, jewellery and even spring watercolour biscuits from Biscuit and Crumb. Perhaps some pampering is in order? When is it not?! Scroll through the the ‘Five minutes’ peace’ selection of eye masks, body scrubs and That Charming Shop’s Champagne-themed beauty box. For new mums, it’s a special day indeed. Share your solidarity with Alphabet Bags’ ‘No Rest for the With Kid’ baby bag or Made by Cooper’s luxurious pillow mist – Frankincense, Lavender and Chamomile may make drifting back off to sleep multiple times each night all that more bearable.

If mum is well passed the newborn phase now, you can’t go wrong with goodies for the home or personalised treats. ‘Must-haves for the home’ includes beautifully designed decanters, bird boxes and teapots and ‘Personal touch’, all your customisable gifts: Love and Paws family portraits are something to treasure; as are Minetta Jewellery’s kid’s drawing necklaces. Her little one’s artwork close to her heart – surely there’s nothing sweeter?

Finally, don’t forget a card! With such a huge range of talented designer makers on Etsy, you’re sure to find the perfect greeting. Browse the ‘Printed perfection’ section to pick up something she’ll love.

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