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The Etsy Good Store Collection

Dec 6, 2018

by Jenny Gresham handmade and vintage goods

As we head into the Christmas shopping season, we want to help you choose perfect gifts from the entrepreneurial, independent makers at the heart of Etsy. That’s really what makes Etsy different, our skilled makers create beautiful products that they put themselves into. It’s retail with a heart. And that might feel more important than ever this year, as more of us are shopping with a conscience, thinking about what we’re buying and why.

But how tricky can that feel when our best intentions are challenged as we speed towards the festive shopping deadline?

Our new Etsy Good Store Collection is a curated selection of products that put the good into consumer goods, featuring products which have a story to encourage more mindful shopping. The product selection includes items from entrepreneurial makers, including those who make handcrafted treasures that are made to last, items created using sustainable production practices and products that promote wellbeing.

As part of our mindful mission, the collection is designed to help you choose the perfect gift, that avoids being stashed at the back of the cupboard come New Year.

We think journalist Lucy Siegle, who joined us for a panel on shopping sustainably when we launched The Etsy Good Store, hit the nail on the head when she said, The lovely thing about gifts that are bought mindfully, with care, is that they have a story behind them.”

We’ve selected items that you can have a deeper connection to, by knowing how they were made, and by who. The story behind that item gives the item more significance, so it hopefully becomes something of a modern heirloom that we want to treasure forever.

According to Katie Baron, Head of Retail at trends forecasting agency Stylus, the awareness of the impact of human consumption that’s resulted from prime-time documentaries like Blue Planet II has resulted in a new ethical consumerism. “So, the things we do buy, we want them to be incredibly well made, to have these stories. You’ll have these certain things that are like your pins in the sand that you’ll carry with you forever, so the crafting really matters.”

So rather than wrapping endless trinkets just for the sake of more presents to put under the tree, take a bit more time to think about what you’re buying, and who you’re buying for, to find something that is the perfect fit for them.

Bestselling author and wellness expert Jasmine Hemsley believes that this behaviour shouldn’t be limited to Christmas either: “I think we should all aim to be 100% mindful. It doesn’t mean I am making this right or wrong decision. It might mean making better eco choices where you can, or supporting independent retailers who make bespoke products with passion and a story.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Jasmine.

Check out our highlights of The Etsy Good store here.

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