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The Dawn O’Porter x Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Feb 9, 2018

by Lara Watson handmade and vintage goods

Maternal love: comforting, boundless and complete. It’s a bond to celebrate, whether it’s for your actual mum, a friend who’s just become one, an adoptive auntie, or (drop the selflessness for a moment), yourself! All our mother figures do for others day-in, day-out, so let’s turn the tables this Mother’s Day and treat them to something special – something they’ll love from Etsy.

Fun mum, author, writer, and presenter, Dawn O’Porter, has hand-picked five gifts for five parental personalities to inspire you. “It’s really hard to choose a gift for someone that they will genuinely love or use,” says Dawn. “Being a mum of two, I appreciate the thought that has gone into finding a gift and I understand that it’s not always easy to track down something that really shows your gratitude. That’s why I’ve partnered with Etsy and some of its talented UK sellers to curate a Mother’s Day gift guide to help those who are lacking inspiration or are simply short on time. With 25 bespoke items, it offers ideas for five different types of mums, whether it be those new to parenthood, mums who enjoy travelling, or those who keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. However, it’s not just your mum you may want to buy a gift for – let’s celebrate our sisters, grandmothers or friends who do a great job and deserve a treat too.”

Wanderlust Mum

This Mum can often can be found organising getaways for family and friends. She enjoys finding unique and stylish holiday essentials and items that take the hassle out of travelling with an ever expanding brood.

Let’s get organised! It’s the only way to travel with kids. Dawn’s picked these gorgeous items for Mum to store all her documents, headphones and make-up must-haves. The Wanderlust travel pouch is a great gift to keep everything together – “One less thing to lose in the airport!” Or try the World Destination Travel Holder – “This is a really fancy version of a simple and functional pouch. I love this. You can personalise it so every time this mum reaches for her passport, she thinks of you.”

Banish fumbling for wires in a bottomless bag forever with this mini leather pouch – “Headphones are so easy to lose and always get tangled. This pouch is so stylish, she’ll wonder how she ever travelled without it.” This useful cosmetics bag might fit the whole family’s toiletries… “Or maybe just the Mum’s make up, which is completely fair.”

And the bath bombs? “There is no denying that sometimes when you get home after travelling with kids you need another holiday. The least this mum deserves is a bath. These bath bombs are the perfect gift for end-of-holiday blues.”

Homemaker Mum

Houseproud, this mum finds pleasure in creating a welcoming and stylish home. She favours one-of-a-kind, characterful prints and nothing makes her happier than creating new recipes for her family.

There are options here for giving mum a much-needed minute to herself at home as well as indulging her love for indulging others. Go straight to beautifully scented candles for a fail-safe winner. This soy candle creates a gorgeous atmosphere in the home. “They are always a successful gift,” says Dawn. “This Soy candle smells delicious. Anything infused with Mimosa gets my vote!” Or play to mum’s romantic side with this Swallow’s Tying the Knot print. “Barn Swallows mate for life apparently, so this is a lovely gift for a mum who likes to celebrate the love of her life. It’s a really joyous print and makes me smile just to look at it.”

If your mum in question is more into a graphic art look, try this retro spaghetti print. “The colours are nice and neutral so it will work in any kitchen, but it is still really striking and fun.”

Cooks will also love this Kimchi Kit  – “Such a yummy thing to have a jar of in the fridge!” – and this personalised wooden recipe box. “A good cook’s favourite recipes should always be to hand. I much prefer them written down than having to find them with greasy fingers on an iPad! This little box is cute and handy.”

New Mum

For those exhausting early days, new mums could benefit from a little extra pampering or gifts that help make life a little easier. This mum would also relish in receiving a sentimental keepsake to mark the beginning of her journey into motherhood.

Celebrate a new arrival with gifts just for mum, any treat is welcome. Start with an Indio Aromatherapy Mask. “Rest is essential but hard to get with a newborn,” says Dawn. “This mask will make those snippets of downtime as blissful as possible.” This Bath Caddy is excellent too. “This is really beautiful whether she has time for a relaxing bath or not. Even if it does end up being used for the kids’ bath toys, it’s a winner and really gorgeous.”  

Other practical yet pleasing gifts are this Drawstring Backpack – “This little bag is perfect for a couple of nappies, some wipes and a spare pair of clothes” – and a Pour Over Coffee Stand. “Whether breast feeding and having to watch coffee intake, or not breastfeeding and able to drink loads of coffee again, a new mum deserves the most delicious brew she can get. This stand is a no brainer!”

For something really special to mark a new addition, though, consider a custom art piece. “I don’t think you can go wrong with one of these, especially as the drawing will be minus those new parent eye bags that a photo won’t be so forgiving of.”

Earth Mum

Green-fingered, this mum is a keen gardener and is often found looking for new ways to bring the outside in – blurring the lines between her home and garden. When it comes to family, she finds soul enriching Sunday strolls are the best.

Know a serene Mother Earth type? She’ll love these gifts. Dawn has found a selection of plant and garden-related goodies to impress green goddesses. Be a bit different and opt for a Bee House – “This is such a lovely gift for Mums who are at one with nature. The kids would love it!” – or a cute little Blue Fox Planter. “A delightful piece for a kitchen window or a bathroom. Where better to keep your succulents succulent?”

Hanging planters are a great go-to as well – a collection gathered together looks very 70s California. “People who love plants just want to be surrounded by them,” says Dawn. These hanging planters will feed that need perfectly. Your Mum can hang plants anywhere she wants. And the colours are so lovely!”

While she’s pottering in the garden, this travel mug does the trick. “I realise it’s a travel mug, but it’s also perfect for taking out into the garden so this mum can have a hot drink while she tweaks her herbs.”

We’ve established she’s a Crazy Plant Lady, so get her this print. “It’s important we embrace our crazy. I am a proud Crazy Cat Lady and love that there are more crazy ladies out there who all deserve a poster to celebrate their obsessions.”

Of-the-Minute Mum

A stylishly confident mum, who keeps her finger on the pulse and would admit she would like to stay ahead of the curve. She knows what to wear and how to decorate.

Babies don’t have to cramp your style, as any of-the-minute mum knows. Try one of these sleek gifts and surprise her with your impeccable taste. Let’s start with stackable rings. “These are so gorgeous,” says Dawn. “I love that she can choose how to wear them. One ring for the day, all of them for night. And the Rose Gold goes with everything.” Or if she prefers bracelets, go for this gold bangle, “The truth is that bulky jewellery can be cumbersome when looking after kids, so I love the simplicity of this. A quality handmade piece that she can wear every day.”

A leather wallet is always a great choice, and this small wonder is perfectly formed. “I’m a sucker for a nice wallet,” says Dawn. “Especially one that can be personalised. The gold foil is so chic, so this is the perfect gift for a stylish mum who socialises, she’ll be thrilled to pay for lunch as she’ll get to show it off.”

Let’s talk prints, whether your friend is a bit bananas or loves her sisterhood. “This Mum loves things to be unique and this bananas print really is, as no one is exactly the same. And who doesn’t love pictures of bananas? (It can’t be just me?)”

This striking Girls in Yellow Tops giclee print on the other hand celebrates women: “Motherhood is about the female bond as much as anything else. Having your crew around you is everything. I love that this picture denotes women being together, reminding this mum that she has her tribe.”



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