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Autumn Winter 2016 trend series: Nordic Soul

Aug 11, 2016

by katyfaulkner2 handmade and vintage goods

Trend #4 Nordic Soul

This wintery story is inspired by the picturesque landscapes of Iceland, with it’s beautiful environments and tranquil atmosphere, a relaxed and calm scene is set in your home. Material direction mimics the natural textures that can be found in the icy environment and the cool blue palette helps capture the still, calm atmosphere and translate it into any home.

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Nordic soul colour palette

Cool, icy blues are the basis for this palette, with every shade from indigo navy to grey-blue right through to a vibrant sea glass turquoise. Shrimp pink is the accent colour whilst cream and white are key to setting the wintery tone.

Shapes, Textiles, Patterns and Materials…

  • Shapes are inspired by the natural landscape of Iceland, with organic, contoured aspects subtly referencing the ever changing landscape. Products are lightly faceted and chiselled, with interlocking or slotted joints. Furniture and ceramic items can be stacked and nested, with curved and rounded edges being key.
  • Surface texture plays a huge part in this trend. Think fair isle knits in soft wools and textured bouclé combinations, woven suede, tufted and frayed details and sturdy cotton cord. Basket weave will also feature heavily.
  • Pattern has two main directions with graphic mark making sitting in harmony with a more organic approach. For the graphic aspect picture dashed lines, micro arrow head geometrics, contour lines and pattern filled zigzags, stripes and spots. Compliment these with a mix of nordic stripes and snowflakes, speckled and flecked, abstract brush marks, imperfect and textured geometric, marbled effects and hand painted marks.
  • Wood will be a key material for this trend, bleached and greyed wood, pale ash, wicker and woven bamboo will all pop up. Also expect to see contoured glass, crystallised surfaces, marbled paper and wood combined with powder coated metal, especially in furniture.

What to look out for:

ORGANIC PATTERNS: Tactile textures are key to unlocking the heart of this trend and conveying the tranquil atmosphere and ever changing environment of the nordic countries, Iceland in particular.

Randomly splatter tiny flecks and specks on prints and products or hand paint haphazard dots and dashes to create natural and organic patterns. Works well on textile, ceramic and paper products.

CHUNKY TEXTILES: Heavily textured knits and chunky marl weaves are key to bringing a cosy feel to this icy inspired trend.

Try bobbled knits, boucle weaves and XL yarns for the ultimate comfort.

NORDIC PRINTS: Nordic patterns are looked at with a fresh eye, with a modern minimal approach to the finer details. Think clean but precise lines and patterns. Add in snowflake prints in blue and coral combinations for a Christmas vibe.


CONTOURS: Organic contour shapes are inspired by the natural mountainous landscape of Iceland, the natural flow of the the lands creating beautiful patterns.

The curves of the contoured landscape inspire marble like prints on stationary and packaging and stacking and nesting products that slot together to create a unique arrangement of line and shape.

PALE & BLEACHED WOOD: Surfaces are bleached, aged, distressed and pale giving them purposefully aged qualities.

Also look out for:

DECORATIVE WEAVING: Weave into furniture and lighting with yarns and unexpected materials to add surface decoration.

TUFTED & FRAYED DETAILS: Fringes and trims adorn fabrics and textile products with surfaces appearing slightly worn with a tufted look.


That’s it for our four part Autumn/Winter 2016 trend series! Let us know which trends have inspired you!

If you have an Etsy shop and are working on your A/W collection, why not see how you can incorporate some of these key trends into your products.

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