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Autumn Winter 2016 trend series: Luxe Romantic

Aug 4, 2016

by katyfaulkner2 handmade and vintage goods

Trend #3 Luxe Romantic

Driven by the volume of information available at our fingertips, this trend outlines the desire for quality over quantity in every aspect of life. Decluttering your physical space, as well as your mind, and living life with a simplified, considered style brings a new, super refined aesthetic into the spotlight.

Luxe romantic colour palette

Luxe romantic colour palette

TOP TIP: Combine dove grey with taupe shades for a timeless look. Tactile textiles in soft, calming shade create a soothing tone for bedroom and living room environments.

Shapes, Textiles, Patterns and Materials:

  • Look out for simple and minimal shapes that showcase the quality of craftsmanship. Hexagons and octagons are key feature shapes with gold detailing, piped edges and neoclassical influences also in the mix.
  • The textile direction screams quality with mohair, velvet, cashmere and Egyptian cotton all cropping up. Key features highlight the luxury aspect including intricate embroidery, metallic yarns and delicate quilting.
  • A huge variety of pattern influences sit within this trend, just think subtle, paired back hints of any or all of the following; graphic damask, micro dots, hexagons, pentagons, octagons, neoclassical motifs, 3D effects and super fine geometrics.
  • Materials are of huge importance when approaching this trend. Raw materials such as marble, ceramic, alabaster, wood and brass are showcased in minimal simple forms that bring the focus onto the natural textures and colours of the materials themselves. Also expect to see gold tinted mirror, textured glass, embossed paper stock and satin glazes.


What to look out for:

Hexagons and octagons: Clean graphic shapes inform product form and print directions, bringing a contemporary edge to classic materials.

Take your quilting to the next level, or emboss beautifully heavy card stock, with hexagon, pentagon and octagon shapes. Fill hexagon shapes with fine geometric and lined patterns for on trend print inspiration.

Quilted and embossed pattern: The subtle and neutral colour palette of this trend leads the focus to fall heavily on the surface textures of materials. Age old quilting techniques are used to inspire the pattern direction on new materials such as glass, metal and plastic.

A highly tactile trend, give your material choices some serious consideration before jumping in, they are the doorway to success in this instance!

Delicately fine lines: To nail the all important subtlety of this trend, add pattern and substance to products using super fine lines and geometric shapes.

Why not try delicate single line embroidered pattern details on textiles or build up super simple overlapping geometric shapes for pattern influences?

Luxurious fabrics: Quality materials and high levels of finish reflect the opulence and luxury this trend embodies. Soft marl woollen blankets and cashmere throws bring a cosy element to this winter trend.

Brass and gold: Warm metallics are key for this trend, introduce them minimally in the form metallic stripes and outlines or go full force and make statement pieces in high shine gold.

Statement lighting: Create your own light installations at home by clustering suspended lights or lamps together. Cut glass is combined with metallics whilst classic wood turned shapes are reimagined in unsuspecting materials.

Also look out for:

Tonal colour combinations :Products are thoughtfully constructed and arranged to cleverly blend together subtle tonal colour combinations.

Neoclassical references: Decorative edges and classic damask prints lend a nod to this trends neoclassical influences.


If you have an Etsy shop and are working on your A/W collection, why not see how you can incorporate some of these key trends into your products.

Don’t have an Etsy shop but feeling inspired? Why not take the leap and open a shop now!


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