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Autumn Winter 2016 trend series: Off The Grid

Jul 22, 2016

by katyfaulkner2 handmade and vintage goods

Trends can be a scary word for many designer-makers. Visions of fast paced catwalks and cutting edge techniques spring to mind and the overwhelming urge to push them aside often wins. Hey, that’s okay!

There’s no rule that says you have to follow seasonal trends to be a successful designer-maker. That being said, there’s no harm in keeping an eye on trends and bearing them in mind when designing. Trends are so in depth that you could, for example, just pick one colour and run with that, or chose one key print influence and interpret it in your personal style.

So, what are trends?

Trends are defined by what is popular within markets at a certain time, a current example could be marble and concrete. They hugely influence consumers buying habits and choices, whether they are conscious of it or not. Producing seasonal collections can help to increase sales and awareness of your brand, along with keeping your collections fresh and current.

SS16 on trend items

SS16 trends on Etsy: Concrete by Studio Emma Mcdowall, Cacti by This Way To The Circus and Rose pink ceramics by DANU Designer Ceramics

In this four part trend series we will delve into the four key Autumn/Winter interior trends, picking out the key colours, materials, patterns and shapes. So grab a cuppa and your fave notebook, sit back and prepare to plan!

Trend #1 – Off The Grid

Inspired by the great outdoors and living ‘off the grid’, this trend brings nature back into the limelight with a focus on functional, utilitarian products that remind us of a slower way of life. Expect to see terracotta, enamel and woollen items in a rich, earthy palette of colours.

Off The Grid colour palette

Off The Grid trend colour palette

Why not reinvent one of your current products in one of these on-trend, seasonal shades?

Shapes, Textiles, Patterns and Materials

  • Leading on from the natural outdoors vibe, shapes for this trend are imperfect and warped with frayed edges, exposed corners and chunky proportions. Products have a truly hand crafted feel to them.
  • Textiles will feature an array of heavily textured fabrics. Expect to see a range of chunky knits, felt, wool tweed, plaid and block printed fabrics. 
  • Abstract hand painted patterns and hand stamped geometrics will appear alongside Scandinavian florals and hand drawn stripes.
  • A range of materials drawing on nature feature in this trend. All forms of wood, especially the reclaimed and mixed varieties, will crop up along with terracotta, handmade papers and tan leather. Industrial hints will compliment this with hints of cast iron, enamel and wire.


What to look out for:

Hand drawn prints: Prints in this trend are fluid and organic, embracing imperfections and the freedom of hand drawing. Why not try going back to basics with pen and paper and let your creativity run wild! Work in some of the trend colour palette for bonus points!

Tactile Textures: Heavily textured fabrics bring a cosy and comfortable vibe into the home this A/W. Try working with super chunky yarns from knits and weaves combined with rough natural linen textiles for kitchen items and floor coverings.

XL Weaves: Bring back a craft as old as time and embrace the oversized weave trend. Use it for rugs, big cosy blankets or decorative accessories, the more materials and textures you incorporate the better!

CraftsmanshipTrue craftsmanship has been reviving itself lately and this season it takes centre stage. Tableware in ceramics and wood have a unique look and feel, with each piece being slightly different and all the more special for it.

Reclaimed and Natural wood: Embrace the natural patterns of wood grain and leave it exposed to create a feature decoration.  Alternatively, grab yourself some reclaimed wood and create some patterned panelling. Why not give it a lick of paint in one of the trends key colours to really hammer the trend home!

Speckles and Flecks: Marl Fabrics and ceramics will be arriving in all varieties of speckles and flecks, bringing a subtle element of pattern to products. Perfect for those with neutral, organic pieces, simply add a subtle splash of colour or sprinkle of embroidery to bring your products to the forefront of AW16 trends.

So there you have it, key colours, materials and patterns and what not to miss. Let us know what trends you’re loving and stay tuned for next week’s trend, Urban Bloom.

If you have an Etsy shop and are working on your A/W collection, why not see how you can incorporate some of these key trends into your products.

Don’t have an Etsy shop but feeling inspired? Why not take the leap and open a shop now!


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