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Craft Party: It’s our birthday & we’ll craft if we want to!

May 5, 2016

by Ajeet Jugnauth handmade and vintage goods

Let’s be honest, no birthday celebration is worth its salt without a decent supply of party rings, cherryade and that extra-special creative element. So naturally when it came to celebrating Etsy’s 11th birthday, we thought of no better way of sharing our love for all things creative than encouraging the world to join in Craft Party!

Every year on 17th-19th June, the Etsy global community comes together to create and connect. You can join the fun by organising an event or starting a project you’ve always dreamed of doing. Really, anything goes! 

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The details

Anyone can host a Craft Party; whether it’s you and another mate sitting around the kitchen table with a cuppa, having a chatter and making something together – or individually (no one likes a relationship to breakdown over Prit stick) – or if you’ve managed to recruit members of your local community to do some guerilla crafting in your local town square (pics please, obvs),  here’s what you gotta do to get involved in the crafty action:

1. If you’re planning to play host to a Craft Party, then make sure to register your event with Eventbrite tagging it as “Etsy Craft Party”. You can also use any other event organising service if you so wish. It’s all about getting the word out there and creating your Craft Party crew.

2. Then hop on over and visit our dedicated microsite where you can download our snazzy digital materials that you can use to help promote your event. It’s also jam-packed with useful tips and advice on how to organise your event and how get the party started. 

3. When you’ve got set everything up, check out our UK event on Facebook and share with us what you’ve got up your sleeve – we would love to hear all about it! Or if you’ve got space for others to attend, then be sure to leave all the details on how others can RSVP and get in on the fun too. 

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Find a Craft Party near you

For all the details on the nearest Craft Parties in your local area, come join the event’s Facebook page to suss out which events are taking place around the country and how you can get involved.

Share the fun

We wanna make Craft Party a global par-tay, so we’re counting on you to share your crafty makes and birthday fun by sharing your super exciting activities on social media.

We’ll be following all the celebrations with the hashtag #EtsyCraftParty and because sharing is caring, make sure to tag us at @EtsyUK in all your posts and making sure to tag us directly in the photo snaps also on instagram so that your fellow Craft Partiers can revel in your creative glory.

Join our Etsy Success Facebook page for more useful tools, articles and links to help you get ready for your party. Have fun! 




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