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Make something? Sell it on Etsy!

Mar 30, 2016

by Sarah Hewett handmade and vintage goods

Spring has sprung, the season of fresh starts! Why not take the chance to turn your creative dreams into reality?

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Or do you simply make things for fun? Either way, we know that opening a new Etsy shop from scratch might seem a little intimidating, but here’s a few tips to help you on your way to selling your handmade wares…

Snap Happy

Great product photography tells your online customer so much more than simply what it is you’re selling. It communicates the size, use and intended audience. A good photograph should clearly show a well-lit product, in focus without distracting backgrounds. Inspire customers to think, ‘I must have that!’

Anyone can take captivating photography from home, take a look at our handy hints and tips in our dedicated guide here.

Get discovered

When customers search online, search engines will return your item if there is a match between the words used in your description and those in the search. On Etsy, you can use these important terms (‘keywords’) in your titles and tags.

Start generating your keywords by writing down all words that could describe your item. An outside eye is valuable here! What words would a friend use to describe your product? What would they type into a search engine?

Key words are key! Step this way to learn more about how to make the most of key words here.

Spread the word

Shouting about your new venture is crucial! Start with your personal social media channels and as your business grows, develop separate channels to speak directly to your fans. Pick the platform you are most comfortable with and focus on that to start with.

Creating a calendar of content for each month can really help. Show off things like your making process and work space. People are genuinely interested in what inspires you.

Tell your Etsy story with a little help from our brand and marketing how-to’s here.

Be involved

Etsy is a really supportive environment for makers to sell their work. Aside from the super low fees and opportunity for global export (which are pretty great!), here are just a few of the free resources you can access instantly online:

  • Sign up to the Etsy Success newsletter for a monthly round up of opportunities to learn and sell, tailored to designer-makers in the UK.
  • Utilise the Etsy seller community! ‘Like’ the Etsy Success facebook page, where you can connect with experienced sellers and other newbies in the same boat, ask them your questions and share your own learnings!


Test the water

Feeling ready to kick-start your Etsy adventure today? Get started today with 20 free listings by entering our exclusive code: ETSYAWARDSUKIRELAND here and let the journey begin!

Get ready for the Etsy Awards 2016!

Then before you know it, you’ll have set up your shop! You’ll then be eligible to enter the up and coming Etsy Awards, for a chance to win £10,000 small business grant, showcase your work at Tent London during the London Design Festival, retail opportunities with John Lewis, business training from The Design Trust and much more! For more information and to enter the awards, apply here.



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