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Natural style: 11 unprocessed finds for the organic home

Mar 13, 2016

by Zenobie Syrett handmade and vintage goods

Cultivate a grown-up bohemian vibe in your abode by starting with home decor touches in rustic linens, plant dyed cottons and untreated wood.

Achieve functional beauty by implementing storage solutions like these printed pots created with washable paper fabric.

Finally, embrace the power of nature with essential oil packed soy wax candles to add the finishing touch to your very own oasis of calm.

Take your own sophisticated twist on hippie styling with these informal touches from local Etsy sellers…

Live Natural : 11 Etsy finds for the organic home

| Denim apron by Roguesaddler |
| Organic Patchouli Incense by Shakti Shop |
| Meditation candle by Salamanderfire |
| Hand-dyed shibori wrapping cloth by The Wild Dyery |
| Hand printed kimono by Susannah Cotton |
| Grand Living Wall by Urban Botanist |
| Linen hand towels set by True Linen Shop |
| Eucalyptus, Lemon & Cedarwood candle by Wildheart Organics |
| Washable paper fabric storage pot by Warm Grey Company |
| Sea Grass Belly Basket by Tala Home Design |
| Hand carved wooden flour scoop by Whole Grain Homes |

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