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Etsy Resolution: Three signs you’re wasting your creative talent

Jan 4, 2016

by Susannah Bradley handmade and vintage goods

Many creative people let their talent go untapped and wasted. Are you one of them? Check out our three signs that you’re wasting your talent – and how you can put your skills to good use by taking up the #EtsyResolution challenge!

1. You used to be a master of any of these:

    1. Spin Art
    2. Shrinkidinks
    3. Perler Bead Ironing
    4. Lite Bright
    5. Friendship bracelets
    6. Fantastic Flowers
    7. Bedazzled Anything

Yup, from a young age, you enjoyed making things, whether it was creating clothes for your toys or jewellery for your siblings. Art was your favourite class, and you brought home countless works to decorate the fridge. But somewhere amongst those tumultuous years growing up, you stopped taking that desire seriously. You respect other people’s talents though, so why not yours?

2. You made all your Christmas presents.

Christmas time is the perfect excuse to make loads of things for your family and friends, so you jump at the opportunity to use your designer/maker talents. What about the rest of the year? Find yourself making little tokens for your friends at Valentine’s Day or on their birthdays? If you are constantly making things for other people, you might be missing an opportunity to take your talent more seriously!


3. You love making things, but keep thinking “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have enough time.”

Even though you love making things and might even have a few projects piling up, there is always something stopping you from taking your talent seriously. You’ve convinced yourself your work isn’t good enough, that other people wouldn’t like it, or that you simply don’t have time. Are these things really true or they blockers you’ve put in your own way?

After reviewing our list, what do you think? Are you making the most of your talent? Thousands of people make a resolution in January to take their creative skills seriously by opening an Etsy shop. Opening your shop can be a great way to encourage yourself to make on a regular basis, take your talent seriously, and use it to earn extra money. ?

Etsy Resolution 2016 UK

Join the #EtsyResolution Challenge!

Opening a new Etsy shop from scratch can be intimidating though – where to start? If you’re ready to take your talent seriously, come join our #EtsyResolution challenge.

For the next three weeks, we’ll be running a pre-programme for aspiring designer-makers from all over the UK to help you get ready to open a new Etsy shop in February.
➡️ Read more about the programme and join to get updates and lessons for the next few weeks.
➡️ Then join the Facebook group to connect with likeminded peers on the same journey near you!

This unique introductory programme will help inspire you to take your creative skills seriously by giving you bite sized lessons to help you get your Etsy shop set up over several weeks. You’ll be guided by three experienced and successful sellers Alice Tams, Chris Berry, Becky Kennedy as well as the knowledgeable Patricia from the Design Trust.

Share with us below or @EtsyUK, what’s finally inspired you to open your shop or what’s stopping you now?

Get started with 20 free listings! Enter the code: etsyresolutionUK here (new sellers only).


  • sqsquirrel

    Square Squirrel Studio from SquareSquirrelStudio said 4 years ago

    We opened our store only a few days ago, Christmas day to be exact, with a lot of apprehension as to how our little creations would be received. Presenting our work to such a large audience seemed daunting. In the few days since opening we have received fantastic support from fellow 'Etsyans' (is that the right term?) through the team forums and lots of favourites. Our first order was received yesterday and now it's full steam ahead - can't wait to get involved in #EtsyResolution and develop further.

  • LoveButtons

    Julia K Walton from FireHorseVintageHQ said 4 years ago

    Food for thought here! I love selling vintage items, but I also sell art & craft work in another shop, so I hope that I am keeping in touch with my creative side :o)

  • wearethecraftmill

    Rich Palmer from TheCraftMillUK said 4 years ago

    The #EtsyResolution sounds like a great idea. I opened my store around 2 years ago now and from (very) small beginnings my product range has grown and grown. Mainly spurred on by great feedback from customers, many of which return again and again! The feeling of community is really where Etsy's strength lies, it's great to hear encouraging words from fellow sellers. It can be so rewarding to explore your untapped creativity.... you first 5 star review is amazing (and so was the last one!)... come on guys get making. Get selling!

  • redrowanberrybute

    Maria Rowan from Rowanberrybute said 4 years ago

    just do it!

  • HomaV

    Homa Vardough from Hoamart said 4 years ago

    I have to confess that I open my shop just at the time I discover Etsy ( 2 am, to be more accurate:) ) and I was sooo excited to do any of those steps in the article, but I found them really useful so going to do this and nail the success :)

  • helenandthegap

    Helen James from gappyGOBS said 4 years ago

    I always struggled with my confidence, thinking I was never good enough. But with a bit of a push I struck up the courage & opened shop. I am so glad I did!

  • vineettandon

    VINEET TANDON from PANKHURIART said 4 years ago

    I opened my shop to make people happy with my work, and I will continue doing this. Because I love it.

  • kabinshop

    Carol Morley from Kabinshop said 4 years ago

    Its super hard work but incredibly satisfying.If you arent a workaholic you soon will be ;]

  • foxyang20

    Angela Saunders from Angiescrossstitch said 4 years ago

    I opened my shop to share my inspiration in my work with others and Im really excited about it just do it

  • jennywilson274

    Jenny Wilson said 4 years ago

    I am not really interested in the specific crafts mentioned but in a multitude of others. I am over 70 an have always given the crafted things away, leaving nothing for myself. But I think that it is not time to change things. Although I am not young anymore it is never too late to start. Many thanks for your encouragement. From RSA

  • caboodle321

    Lorraine Burt from WholeCaboodleDesign said 4 years ago

    I've been on here for just over a year and I love it. Love the community, love my shop and love the challenge of always designing something new. Go for it - what have you got to lose? x

  • barbaraschoice27

    Barbara May from Lemonicecrystals said 4 years ago

    It's nice to get help when you are opening a new shop. The main thing is to keep going and get that item listed. I love looking at this site in the morning, it makes me feel positive. Good luck!

  • RumourMillDesigns

    Lindsey Botterill from RumourMillDesigns said 4 years ago

    I often get asked how I find the time to make things for my shop alongside working and studying and I really don't know... I think it's because I NEED to be doing something creative, even if it means that I'm rolling beads at 01:00. I like the direction that my shop is going in, even if I have only made one sale so far! Good luck to everyone and their shops - we can do it!

  • skyebothma

    Skye Bothma from ArtfulSkies said 4 years ago

    I lost my job in August last year and have been trying to make it as a freelance editor, but the work is few and far between. Instead I seem to be drawn ever increasingly towards doing something with my art and craft interests and hobbies and opened my Etsy store yesterday. I'm also working on a blog and Facebook page that I'll be linking to it. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going!

  • sueaustin50

    Sue Austin from StitchnDoodle said 4 years ago

    After losing my husband 15 months ago life has taken an unexpected new direction. I now look after my 17 month old granddaughter 3 days a week and wanted to find something productive to do on the other days that would bring me an income. I have always loved crafts and friends have encouraged me set up a small business. I made a variety of things and did a few craft fairs on the run up to Christmas and did ok so I decided to 'go pro'. I sorted out a new bank account, paypal,website and opened my new Etsy shop on 21st December. Planning to get a Facebook page when I get chance. So far only couple of sales, which is a bit disappointing - especially as I've had several hundred views on my stats, so not sure what I'm doing wrong? Have I not got stuff that is appealing, have I overcharged, are my pictures and descriptions not good, is the quality not good enough, would the pictures be better with more expensive wooden frames and would people be prepared to pay the extra??? I seem to have a hundred questions. If anyone has time to look at my stuff and email me some brutally honest feedback or tips I'd be extremely grateful to you!!! In the meantime I'll keep plodding on and hope for some clear direction and sales soon. Thanks for looking!

  • Louisette09

    Louisette from LouisettePottery said 4 years ago

    As a kid i was taught sculpture but i never really thought i would use it in my adult life. Now as a 20 year ols, after finishingschool and getting much needed enthutiasm from my friends and family i decided to open my own shop so i can give back some happiness and keep doing what i love to do. I don't have any sales yet but i'll keep going anyway, because pottery is a relaxing thing for me to do.

  • missperrygirl

    Hilary Perry from Cre8iveThingsNGifts said 4 years ago

    Are Canadians allowed to join this program or is it just for those in the UK?

    • Natalie Wall said 4 years ago

      Hey! Our colleagues in Canada are also running an Etsy Resolution programme >>

  • VictorianMuse

    Alessandra Donattini said 4 years ago

    Etsy resolution is a great idea! Unfortunately I just moved here in UK so my sewing machine is in Italy yet and wouldn't arrive before one or two weeks :( I assume that without having finished products one couldn't participate right? So sad...I hope it will be a second chance not so far in the future ;) !

  • hilarylazell

    Hilary Lazell from TheEnglishTeaShop said 4 years ago

    I really love this idea of a whole community of creative people being able to communicate and learn AND do the things they love to do. I find I'm thinking much more creatively now because I have something to work for. Well done Etsy.

  • hilarylazell

    Hilary Lazell from TheEnglishTeaShop said 4 years ago

    I am really looking forward to this. An Etsy community that is useful and helpful. Couldn't be better. Thank you.

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