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Panic over: Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Dec 15, 2015

by Katy Thompson handmade and vintage goods

Still haven’t found the right gift to give this year? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got some super cute Christmas gifts that you can DOWNLOAD – yes, you heard correct.

Every year some gifts may fall through the cracks until the very last minute, however these will get to you quicker than you can say jingle bells. No shipping, no tracking and certainly nail-biting letter box looming!

To accompany this we’ve also rounded up a super special selection of festive cards, all downloadable for you to print in the comfort of your own home.

Prints Charming


| Geometric print triangle print : MadebyAiza |
| Eat, drink & be berry print : Lunahazedesign |
| Gold pineapple print : MagictreesDigital |
| ‘Welcome to our home’ digital art : CVWarehouse |
| Pink nursery poster : WallArtPrintables |
| Love typography print : LunaHazeDesign |
| ‘I love you to the moon and back’ print : MiniLearners |
| Inspirational ‘she believed could so she did’ print : FleurtCollective |

Seasons Greetings

Printable Christmas Cards

| Printable Christmas card : PeculiarPrintables |
| London Christmas card : BethanDdesigns |
| Printable holiday card : SWPapers |
| Holiday Christmas card : Dorinda Art |
| Digital Christmas card : Tranquillina |
| Printable cat card : Miumicat |
| Modern merry Christmas : Winkdesignsk |
| Christmas winter dog wreath design : Dorinda Art |

Feelin’ a little less panicky? Good! Now, hop on over to our Editor’s Picks pages to discover more last minute gifts to suit all budget or tickle any fancies.

We’ve got gifts galore (for even the most distant of family relations), from snazzy downloadables to prezzies that can be handmade (should you feel like getting in the crafty zone) and we’ve made it easy as ABC for you to find local Etsy sellers whose shipping will be super speedy.



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