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5 festive flourishes: Tips for sellers this Christmas

Dec 10, 2015

by Stef Rose handmade and vintage goods

In the midst of Christmas-craziness, Santa isn’t the only one checking his lists (and checking them twice). Visiting friends and family, battling the shops and munching more mince pies than the bearded fat man himself; it can be easy to get overwhelmed by orders coming through and then forget to add that personal touch which makes your shop unique and memorable.

By taking the time to add a few thoughtful touches to every sale, you’re doing so much more than adding a flourishing finish. You’re creating a bond with your buyer, taking some of the stress out of the season, and making your shop a full-time favourite. Here are five easy ways to put the ‘you’ back in unique and make spirits bright!



1: Have a natter

What an amazing opportunity to break through the consumerism of the festive season and connect with your buyers. It’s what makes Etsy so special and will make both you and your shop memorable. From saying thanks, confirming delivery times to asking if the purchase is a present. Some gifts might be going directly to the recipient – why not offer to gift wrap the goodie for them? Going that extra mile could turn that one-off seasonal buyer into a regular shopper!



2: Wrap it up

Make life merry and bright by taking a step out of the giving palava and offer gift wrapping as an additional extra. You may be talented enough to make your own wrap, or perhaps you’ve teamed up with another Etsy seller to showcase their glorious goods? This is a great chance to collaborate – ask within your Etsy Team if anyone wants to cross-promote. Add a beautifully crafted gift tag and a personalised note from the buyer, no one could resist wanting to rip that open! Think about using your 5th shop photo to show how your goodies look wrapped and don’t forget to add links to the gift wrapping sale item in your product description.



3: Package like a pro

Whether or not your buyer is grabbing this as a gift for someone else or a treat from themselves, show that you care about your products and your customers by packaging your goods as the magnificent gifts they are! Everyone will be singing merrily on high with thoughtfully packaged pressies. It also makes sure that nothing will be damage in the mail rush and is business sense that Santa would be proud of.



4: Get personal

This is a chance to say thank you – nothing like a handwritten note to show your gratitude! Think of it like sending a christmas card to a friend you haven’t met yet. Whilst it shows you care, it is also a brilliant prompt to ask your buyer to leave some feedback or visit your social media channels. Perhaps they’ll even recommend you to friends and family.



5: Gift it

During the festive season, buyers are often looking for very specific gifts, so they may not have had the chance to peruse other items in your shop. It is a little gift for them and a chance to promote your shop and other talents. A promo badge, small sample of your other products or discount coupons for the coming year are all thoughtful (and useful) added extras.

Feeling inspired? Will you be putting Stef’s cracking crimbo tips in practice this holiday season? Or wanna share how you add the personal touch, let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!

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