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7 tips for sellers: Make the most of the festive season

Nov 27, 2015

by Sarah Sandiford handmade and vintage goods

Dishing out her tried and tested advice, Etsy seller Sarah-Jane has been designing and hand making her beautiful jewellery on Etsy since 2010 in her shop Fragment Designs. Based in Wales with her husband and two destructive little house bunnies (her words, not ours), Sarah-Jane embarked on her Etsy adventure to follow her dream of becoming a full time goldsmith. 

Christmas is a big opportunity for any Etsy seller – it can be the icing on the cake for any small business and spell success for the rest of the year. Not only is it an opportunity to maximise your sales, but it’s also a great way to make a positive lasting impression with your buyers. That can mean the pressure is on to get it right, but fret not; here are my top tips on how to make sure your fully prepped for whatever the festive season may bring…

1: Don’t Panic!

Honestly, it does no one any good. You feel awful, unproductive and then the guilt starts to pile on. So stop it now and shut it down! At some stage you’re going to start to panic and get flustered, but that’s OK. I suggest you stop what you’re doing and take time out – whether you choose to bake a cake or take a walk, do something totally removed and let your brain unwind. For 10 minutes, an hour, a day – whatever it takes – then get back to work and find yourself rearing to go, your productivity will soar!

2: Enlist family and friends

While we may not have a workforce of elves, team-work certainly does make the dream work, so suss out family members and friends who don’t mind lending a hand. Whether that be helping to pack orders, snapping product photos or heck, even putting on a brew! A little help here and there can be a lifesaver, just make a mental note to return the favour (preferably in January).

3: Join an Etsy team

The Etsy Teams are an amazing source of inspiration, advice, solace and help. Finding your local team is a good place to start. With the chance to mingle and befriend like-minded sellers who are all to ready to give a helping hand, it’s a cracking opportunity not to be missed. With teams all over the country, they offer handy workshops, organise crafty events and have strong supportive social media network online, too.
For more information on how to find your local team, click here.

4: Use the app

If you have a smart phone or a tablet, get organised like a pro and download the Sell on Etsy app. With a range of useful features, it’s a nifty way to save time and become efficient on the go. Making it quick and easy to share your products on social media, the app also allows you to reply to buyer conversations wherever you are, keep on top of your latest stats and manage your listings and current orders – which can be invaluable if you are planning to sell in person at a Christmas market.
For more info on the Etsy Seller app, click here.

5: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Predicting bestsellers and trying to gauge how much stock you should have is tricky business; curve balls (or pleasant surprises) can happen and your best option is to be prepared for every outcome. Learning from experience: a few years back I found a high demand for a particular style of earrings which I hadn’t bargained on and the dreaded panic set in.

Now I have a very simple rule which I follow all year long: as soon as I sell something I will then make two or three to replace them. Monitoring sales from as early as September, I am able plan accordingly and be ready for whatever the the festive season will bring.

6: Take time out

You’re a human, not a machine. While it may be tempting to pack just. One. More. Order… it’s important that you take time out. During my first Christmas as an Etsy seller, I worked seven days a week and long hours. The following year, I made sure to pencil days off and not only did I feel less stressed for it, I was better established.

Overdoing is not worth it or productive in business speak, it’s not effective use of your time and it’s often how mistakes happen. Set aside time on the weekend to reboot your senses and and return to work on Monday morning refreshed and ready to go!

7: Enjoy yourself

Remember you began your Etsy adventure because you love it. You have the best job in the world – not only you get to make beautiful things and be your own boss, but you’re in charge. That is pretty cool! You started your own business, you have achieved something most people never do, so be proud of yourself and enjoy every moment of the festive season!

Come meet Sarah-Jane and the Cardiff  Etsy team and browse their unique wares at the Etsy Made Local Christmas market for the month of December, click here for further details here.

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