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Etsy x The Selby: Inside Sara Thomas’ bohemian home

Oct 28, 2015

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

As part of Etsy’s 10 year anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the amazing, affordable and accessible art that can be found on Etsy UK by British artists. Not only that, but we thought it would be nice to showcase Etsy in everyday situations.

We wanted to capture creative individuals – and Etsy fans! – inside their personal spaces, because everyone likes interior inspiration/a good ol’ snoop because hello #interiorinspo tag on Instagram, right?

So who better to collaborate with than world-famous photographer, Todd Selby, creator of The Selby, documenting cool people in their places in his impeccably cool, candid style? We asked Todd to pay a visit to the UK homes and work spaces of five folk who either make art that they sell on Etsy or who buy art from Etsy. Some were a mixture of both!

You can see Todd’s take over on The Selby, plus a cool behind-the-scenes video, and we’re going to be showcasing additional images in a series right here on the UK blog.

First up is Sarah Thomas, blogger and vintage seller who has adorned her East London home in beautiful bohemian finds – many of which come from Etsy:

7_8_15_SaraThomas26653 copy

Todd Selby

“I love all things vintage and 70s, especially clothing and homeware and I love finding vintage treasure,” says Sara. “Etsy is definitely the perfect place to do that, as well as discovering amazing handmade pieces too.”

“My interior style could be described as… organised clutter, ha! I’m not sure if I have a style as such, I tend to usually have more of a ‘theme’. For example at the moment I love dried flowers arrangements and floral embroidery in frames so that’s what I’ve covered the walls with. I like the space to feel homely and interesting at the same time. Lots to look at.

7_8_15_SaraThomas26310 copy

Todd Selby

‘The relationship between the way I decorate and the way I dress is pretty much the same: throw anything on and hope for the best! I love layering and mixing textures and patterns, and the same goes for decorating.

7_8_15_SaraThomas26697 copy

“I change the decor in my home all the time! Every month I move things around and mix things up, as well as according to the seasons.

7_8_15_SaraThomas26526 copy

“Pinterest is always a great source of interior inspiration for me, and I also like to read lots of books about home decoration, too.

7_8_15_SaraThomas26376 copy
7_8_15_SaraThomas26500 copy
7_8_15_SaraThomas26347 copy
7_8_15_SaraThomas27077 copy

Goods Garb is a great little Etsy shop I recently bought some bamboo/rattan pieces from. Vintage Actually and Wollariums Vintage are also great. It depends what I’m looking for but I usually search on things like: 70s, vintage, floral, dried flowers in frame (I’m obsessed I know), rattan, botanical, 70s kitchenware and so on.

‘It feels like every time I buy something from Etsy it becomes my most beloved item! I recently bought an amazing large 70s floral needlework picture which I’m in love with, and goes perfectly with the current decoration!”

Get the look! Shop Sara’s interior style here.
Follow Sara on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

All photographs by Todd Selby.


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