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Seeing stars with the celestial fashion trend

Sep 16, 2015

by Zenobie Syrett handmade and vintage goods

Cosmic forces are afoot here at Etsy UK HQ. We’re looking to the skies to bring you one of our favourite trends of 2015: Celestial. Think galaxy prints, astrological elements, crystals, dreamy colour pallets, Mystic Meg, etc… ✨

This particular trend spans everything from fashion to home furnishings and can be as subtle or bold as you like, from just a hint with velvety tones or gemstone jewellery to full blown star spangled mania. The choice is yours.

So prepare to take your brain to another dimension (hands up anyone who got that 90s rave reference) with Etsy UK picks bestowed upon us by the following heavenly creatures

celestial shopping edit etsy uk

Cosmic Planters by Sort London |
Resolutions Book by Nikki Strange |
Agate Coasters by Lustre London |
Moonstone Ring by Datter |
Galaxy Bowl By Laura Laura Bird |
Concrete Paperweights by PASiNGA |
Moon Cushion by OH NO Rachio |
Alchemy Square Print by DB Illustrations |

Have these celestial finds got you starry-eyed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!

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