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University checklist: Start the new term in style

Sep 1, 2015

by Alice Young handmade and vintage goods

You’ve got the grades required, chosen a university, and now comes the mammoth task of collecting together all the bits and bobs you’ll need to get you through a year of parties, pizza and procrastination (and some sincere academic studying, of course). To make your job easier, you can work your way through this mini checklist of handmade essentials for students.

Perfect for carrying tonnes of illegible lecture notes, overdue library books, and several varieties of energy drink.

Leather satchel, £90, Jalal Design

Comfy pajamas are a must because you can’t procrastinate to your full potential in any other clothing.

PJ shorts, £23, Sasha Jane Lingerie

Looking both studious and stylish has never been easier, gents.

Leather messenger bag, £145, Benny Bee Leather

Relish every opportunity you get for a quick twenty minute nap that turns into a six hour sleepathon.

Sleep mask, £10, Lemony Jen

One of the most practical things you will own.

Hip flask, £15, Miki Rose Design

Wine glasses are overrated, anyway.

Wine mug, £7, Personalised Mugs 4 U

While you cannot know for certain the relevance of your lectures, or how your body will react to a diet consisting exclusively of instant noodles, you can guarantee that there will be multiple opportunities to dress up as a unicorn.

Unicorn headband, £28, Bang Bang Crash

A little extra protection for when the beer pong contests get aggressive.

American football helmet, £5, Wintercroft

These face paints are free from beeswax and nasty artificial dyes and fragrances.

Vegan face paint, £6, Vegan Faces

engraved pencils

Newton and the Apple

The ‘caffeinated scribbles’ pencil may get used up first, but fear not, you will have moments of utter inspiration and clarity thirty minutes before the essay deadline.

Pencil set, £6.50, Newton and the Apple

Jazzy prints are an easy way to inject personality into your uni room.

Cats and fries print, £8, I like Cats Shop

Whether you use your day to learn something new in a subject you’re passionate about or to lounge around with your flatmates- remember to smash it in the face because you will look back at uni times with an utmost fondness once you enter the real world.

Smash today in the face print, £1.80, Plans of Heart

What’s your must have essential for uni? However silly, let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!

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