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9 Etsy items to see you through the Great British Summer

Jul 9, 2015

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

In the summertime when the weather is fine, you may well need one of these Etsy items (all from UK sellers, natch):

1. Let’s go outside!

This is where you’ll essentially be spending the WHOLE SUMMER. Apart from when it rains/when you have to go to work and stuff. But basically, as soon as there’s the merest hint of sunshine (AKA when it’s not raining), this will be your new domain, because you are BRITISH and this is how we do.

2. Liquid refreshment

Once you’ve found a sunny spot in the garden, be sure to mark your territory with this handy wine bottle and glass holder. You’ll see there’s room for two glasses, but whether you decide to share is entirely up to you (we won’t judge)…

3. Well hung

Sun loungers are so last season – it’s all about hammocks for 2015. Only kidding, we’ve just made that up – you can kick-back however you bloomin’ well fancy, but may we suggest this stylish stripy number for totally tropical vibes?

4. On the shelf

The rest of your essentials – books, water, Calippo ice lolly, etc, can go on this handy outdoor shelf. Just make sure you position it within a comfortable reaching distance from your perch. You don’t want to over exert yourself in the heat, now, do you?

5. Acting kinda shady

Keep your cool while throwing some serious shade *insert sassy lady emoji here* with this stylish handmade fan. We’re BIG fans of this fan.

6. Be adorned

Make out like you’re really in Ibiza, not Ipswich, with these metallic temporary tattoos. Layer ’em up for extra fashion points. Foam party optional.

7. Game on

Essentially Buckaroo for the Great Outdoors, we Brits love a traditional game, especially after one glass of Pimm’s too many. Makes it much more fun that way.

8. Nice jugs

Speaking of Pimm’s you’ll need a decent vessel for your liquid refreshment, to keep you nicely hydrated all day long.

9. Chill out

Don’t forget to listen out for the chimes of the Ice Cream Van Man, but in the meantime, stare longingly at this lovely print. Try not to lick the screen!

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