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Etsy sellers Redesign Alice with the British Library

May 18, 2015

by Sarah Hewett handmade and vintage goods

Alice (of Wonderland fame) turned 150 years old this year. Etsy teamed up with the British Library to celebrate with a design competition, inviting Etsy sellers in the UK to show us their Alice inspired products. Find out more here.

The hand drawn illustrations in ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ are a wealth of creative inspiration and we were keen to see how contemporary designers were inspired by Lewis Caroll’s 150 year old story…

And they didn’t disappoint! We received hundreds of fantastic applications and a judging panel of industry experts (including representatives from Etsy, the British Library, Liberty and Michelle Mason) helped us select 5 outstanding winners: Cha Com Letras, Gunnaydri, Dina Malkova, Rentaro and PobbleandPing.

These talented designer-makers have won the chance to stock their products in the British Library Shop, coinciding with their Alice exhibition in Autumn 2015 (the flagship London building receives 1.6 million visitors per year). Already selling a popular Alice range, the Shop was seeking new designs to help bring it to life… these 5 are just the ticket!

Cha Com Letras is an illustration-led lifestyle and publishing venture. They created three different collections inspired by Carroll’s book, as well as fresh interpretations of the Alice world as visualised by Tennier.

Gunnaydri is a textile designer with a passion for Nordic folklore designs and ethnic patterns. She has created a new range of dolls of Alice and the rabbit  (currently in design stage) which will be screen printed by hand.

Dina Malkova’s Lewes Bow Ties are hand-made from vintage fabrics in limited numbers. She has used a fragment of the original book illustration to create new fabric for this Alice inspired bow tie.

Interested in the fusion of traditional craft skills and digital fabrication, Rentaro makes beautiful but affordable jewellery using laser cutting and 3D printing from his studio at Cockpit Arts in London. His crown rings are inspired by The Queen of Hearts.

PobbleandPing print pencils in a small village in the north of Scotland. Hand stamped using a hot foil stamper, they are made from fast growing and renewable farmed linden wood. These Alice inspired designs feature well known quotes from the original manuscript.

Inspired to get making and open an Etsy shop? Get started with 20 free listings! Enter the code: REDESIGNINGALICE here (new sellers only).

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