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How to achieve effortless wedding hair

May 6, 2015

by Emily Kent handmade and vintage goods

The Etsy Wedding Fair is nearly here (yay, someone pass us the confetti!), and to get us in the wedding mood, we’ve invited hair and make up artist (and Etsy seller) Emily Kent to show us how to create a lovely non-fussy wedding ‘do (pictured above). Get your own luscious locks styled by Emily at our Wedding Fair by buying tickets here. Over to Emily…

By upgrading a simple style which focuses around two main elements: a ponytail and basic plaits, all of a sudden a wedding worthy up-do is within reach for you to achieve yourself at home. This look doesn’t focus on precision or excessive styling experience, instead it is lived in, relaxed and effortless; brilliant for first timers.

Within the style I have included a piece from my brand new collection of bridal headwear, availble from my Etsy shop Feather & Coal. This piece comes in three colours: silver, emerald and sapphire. I wanted to give colour options to brides to have fun with. The set contains four separate strands made of glass beads and Swarovski crystals that can be worn in a variety of ways incorporated into a huge array of styles.

Things you’ll need:

Straightening irons, elastics (big and little) pins and grips, hairspray, root powder, pin tail comb.

The how-to:

Starting with straight, dry hair apply root powder throughout the roots close to the scalp, especially around the crown, and rub in with fingertips. This encourages body and gives the texture we’re looking for. Once done separate the hair into roughly three sections (more if you have very thick hair) and create loose plaits, securing at the end with mini elastics. These do not need to be at all perfect. Messy and basic is fine.

Once these are in, spray the plaits lightly with hairspray. You then want to run the hot straighteners down the length of each plait to heat it up. Keep continuously moving the straighteners up and down for up to a minute on each one, don’t hold in one place. Allow the plaits to cool.

Take out the elastics and shake your hands through your hair to separate the plaits up, this will reveal the effect this technique creates, a loose and underdone wave, not a curl.


The front can be worn however you like: side parting, middle, fringe, just work with whatever you feel best, and then secure the hair in a ponytail at the back on the head. Again this can be low or high depending on preference, but I think low works well for this look.

The root powder will have given texture and body on the crown but if more is needed, slide the pin tail end of the comb into the hair above the hair elastic and lift sections up slowly to loosen.

This is where I added the accessory. Using pins, put one of the pieces either side just above the ponytail. Point the pins downwards to make sure it stays put.

Then, separate two side sections from the ponytail and plait them, but also include the length of the accessory into the plait as you go so it peeps through. The thickness of the plaits depends on your hair thickness as you want a good amount left in the ponytail still. Secure the plaits at the bottom with mini elastics.

Now its just a case of winding the plaits around the base of the ponytail and securing them against the head with grips and pins…exercise your creative freedom to get the shape you like.


A little spritz of hairspray and you are all done! If you want more of an up-do, simply pin the ponytail into a bun using grips, like the style below.

Emily Kent is a London based hair and make up artist with a background in fashion, music and editorial. In 2012 she founded Wedding Hair Company, born from her passion for working with clients and wanting to break the common misconception that fussy, overdone and dated wedding hair is the only option. Have your hair styled by Emily at the Etsy Wedding Fair, held in London next month.

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