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Etsy seller project: Collaborative live mural

Apr 27, 2015

by Alice Young handmade and vintage goods

Friends and Etsy sellers, Georgia Bosson and Cecily Vessey have collaborated to create something pretty special. Georgia designs bright, contemporary textile and paper products from her studio in Bermondsey. Cecily adds her signature wonky architectural illustrations to an array of ceramics, textiles, stationary and art prints from her studio in Kennington.

A few weekends back, Georgia and I created a collaborative mural live in front of the public at the Crafty Fox Spring Market in Peckham, London.


With this exciting project we decided to expand beyond selling our usual wares to create a mural that celebrates the London skyline as part of the ongoing, community-led efforts to save Peckham’s views. Our artwork has been inspired by the ‘Protect Peckham’s rooftop view‘ petition; a campaign against the proposed 20-storey development in central Peckham. A ruined skyline means less visitors and less buzz around the area.

We created the mural (which is two metres tall and three metres wide) over a busy three days, beginning with Georgia screen-printing the sky using her dotty print. I then spent two days drawing the buildings in my unique, crooked style.

Georgia explained that printing on a hard surface at this scale takes patience and a lot of careful alignment. After the first piece of the design had been printed, she then used the original negative of the design to line up the next piece of the puzzle to ensure that there were no mistakes in the repeat. It was great to see the shape of the skyline evolve throughout the day.

Georgia busy screen printing

Georgia busy screen printing

Georgia said that ‘the choice of  her print design was almost instantaneous. Due to the short turn around time on the project, there was no time to design something new, so my faithful dotty print would have to perform a new role, and my repeat design skills would be put to the ultimate test!’

The main challenge for Georgia was selecting a colour that wouldn’t overwhelm my drawing and make the whole piece look unbalanced. She spent hours mulling over her Pantone book and eventually settled on a colour that she hoped would look like the London sky on a hazy summers day.

At first the prospect of drawing the architecture live was really terrifying, but I quickly began to enjoy it. It was so lovely to chat to people, including customers who had bought from me in the past, whilst I was working. I think as a designer/maker/artist/small business person you can get really bogged down in products and profit margins, in a way forgetting the part you really love. Taking on a project like this has really helped me to feel passionate about my practice.

Cecily sketching her design over two days

Cecily sketching her design over two days

You can check out the mural at the Dulwich Festival Fair, Goose Green on Sunday 10th May, and it’ll continue to move between various location around South East London over the summer.

Georgia and Cecily have produced a limited edition screen print of the piece, with a portion of the sales donated towards the campaign to save the view. The print is available to buy from both Georgia and Cecily’s Etsy shops.

What projects do you have planned this summer? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!

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