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When Etsy met Wool and the Gang…

Apr 23, 2015

by Anna Denise handmade and vintage goods

Last week at the office, we ganged up with the lovely people of Wool and the Gang for a little knitting party!

Wool and the Gang is a London-based but internationally renowned community of makers (or ‘global knitwork of gangstas’ as they like to call it) focused on promoting fashion production that’s made in a sustainable way. They want to bring back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come, every piece made unique. Music to my ears.

watg collage

I myself have made multiple attempts at taking up knitting, generally unsuccessfully due to my own lack of knowledge and an overconfidence in my own ability (this still isn’t done). Knitting a blanket out of baby cotton with miniature needles? Sure, that sounds like a fun project to push aside after a week!

Our group had a few knitter drop outs like me, as well as a few expert-level knitters and a couple absolute beginners. We used the Snood Operator kit, which included an instruction manual with various options depending on your level, some crazy sexy wool in a color of your choice, knitting needles, and some regular needles for turning the scarf into a snood. Time flew by and I think most of us got quite far into the pattern under the expert eye of the lovely gangsters from Wool and the Gang HQ, aided by the clear instructional videos.

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I ended up finishing my snood this weekend, right in time for the hot spell that came over London this week. I’ve got a feeling this soft cowl will come in handy at some point, though. Yay for British weather!


Have I been converted to knitter-dom? Let’s hope so, or I just threw away the £50 I spent on more wool in their online shop (although I can always just snuggle up to the balls of yarn when hubby is away, they’re so soft).

If you want to become a knitter, I can heartily recommend getting one of their knit kits. If you’re an experienced knitter, the crazy sexy wool is absolutely stunning.

We’re very happy to inform you that Wool and the Gang are offering all Etsy UK blog readers the following code to use for 15% off at checkout: PARTY-KQAGM3

Are you planning any knitting projects? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!

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  • cowlsandscarves

    Allison Pawliw from itsCOWLdoutside said 5 years ago

    Yay for sustainable fashion!!

  • vytvir

    VyTvir from VyTvir said 5 years ago

    Thanks for inspiration!

  • girlindustries

    Katy from girlindustries said 5 years ago

    Hi to WATG from a Scotland-based Gangsta!

  • dhawker1942

    Diana Hawker from CardinalLane said 5 years ago

    Cheers from Canada As an experienced knitter( over 50 years- story on my site-Cardinal Lane) I am glad to hear knitting is being embraced by the younger generation I find knitting to be both a stress buster-when a project goes well and frustrating-when the project needs a lot of tinking (knitting backwards). Hope you enjoy your hot spell it is still snowing here in Ontario, Canada Diana

  • QueenofCuffs

    mary from QueenofCuffs said 5 years ago

    I love yarn - I love knitting - free style knitting / 3D knitting / textile art knitting . . bring on the new age of knitting !!

  • cherylfenwick

    Cheryl Monguzzi from KnitsByCheryl said 5 years ago

    I'm never without a pair of needles or a hook in my hands (as you will see by looking in my Etsy shop!)!! :D

  • Absoknittinglutely

    Nadia Majid from AbsoKnittingLutely said 5 years ago

    Great to see that beginners joined in the fun. Knitting is my favourite hobby for so many reasons. The trouble is, once you go down that route, there's no coming back! I am on holiday right now and had to take two knitting projects along - not that I will finish either, but the thought of possibly running out of things to knit was just terrifying. Btw, there is nothing wrong with knitting something large on tiny needles. That's my favourite kind of knitting.

  • BlueSeaPaintShop

    ACR from IntoTheBluePaintShop said 5 years ago

    Yay, I love knitting !!!

  • Malaspiga

    carlotta tilli from SummerInItaly said 5 years ago

    I love this :)

  • jaynestennett

    Jayne Stennett from Mamasrainbowhouse said 5 years ago

    from www.etsy/uk/shopmamasrainbowhouse i knit quirky and special things which are available in my shop. I also am in the process of listing adult and children's knitting kits with everything in to start you off with a suitable project to make and clear instruction. i am pleased that knitting is becoming more popular and an old skill is not being lost.

  • debbiemunro

    Debbie Munro from thelaceknittery said 5 years ago

    Yay, you have been infected with the yarn bug! I spent 6 hours yesterday skeining hand painted yarn in public (long story but I have no shame when it comes to passing on yarn love). Not only did everyone stop, have a chat, but they had a go, played with the yarn, all ages and sex included...yarn we will have world domination....

  • ancekaramanova

    Wiigora from Wiigora said 5 years ago

    i love knitting !!! <3

  • EmmaKav

    Emma Kav from EmmaKav said 5 years ago

    What a shame that their prices are so outlandishly expensive. I wish I could buy the notion that they want to share knitting skills for generations to come but this business wrapped in hipsterdom seems just like a cynnical exercise to me. It's not very often I see an Etsy blog post I feel negative about, but this particular companies m.o. really irritates me. How many generations have been able to buy and share knitting patterns? How many local wool shops need our business right now? Want to learn how to knit stuff? Join a local knitting and crochet circle. Not to mention there's an army of great video tutorials available online. We don't need businesses to teach us stuff at this hefty a price when we can teach each other.

  • elemegibere

    Nermin from earflaphats said 5 years ago

    Wonderful ! I love Knitting


    Heather Pugh from CUTIEDOG said 5 years ago I enjoy knitting unusual pet sweaters and have been open for nearly 3 years now, I have sold over 260 sweaters, I love making lots of one off designs. So pleased the art of Hand Knitting is starting to become popular again x

  • LoveButtons

    Julia K Walton from FireHorseVintageHQ said 5 years ago

    Your snood is gorgeous - great colour and texture. I can just about manage garter stitch squares, although, by some miracle, I did make a knitted handbag once:-

  • normabrook2

    Norma Rigg said 5 years ago

    Great to see knitting hasn't disappeared, Hand knitted garments are so much better , especially when knitted by oneself , cheers knitters , keep up the good work x

  • Prink

    Phing Chutima from CraftingMode said 5 years ago

    very nice : )

  • YummyYarnsUK

    Patricia Bishop from YummyYarnsUK said 5 years ago

    Knitting is proven to be good for our health!

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