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Sellers: Get involved with Etsy’s Mother’s Day campaign

Feb 24, 2015

by Nicole Renard handmade and vintage goods

Mother’s Day is around the corner! On 15th March, the UK will be full of love and affection for our beloved mums. This year, we asked ourselves, “What makes our mums so special?” We agreed it’s not the grand gestures, but the little moments – a hug, say, or words of encouragement  – that mean the most.

This Mother’s Day, we invite Etsy sellers to join us in making a big deal out of the little things by taking part in our #everydaymum campaign. To help make your shop a go-to destination for Mother’s Day shoppers, we’ve created promotional images that you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with items from your shop.

Incorporate these promotional pics into your shop promotions and make the most out of Etsy’s Mother’s Day campaign. Don’t forget to use the #everydaymum hashtag across all social media platforms for your images to be pulled through into our Mother’s Day campaign content gallery here.


You can use the image designed for Facebook as the cover of a photo album to sync with the campaign. On your brand page or personal profile, select the Photo/Video tab in your status update field, then select Create Photo Album. Upload the Etsy image first, then pick a few more images that showcase beautiful items in your shop or behind-the-scenes pics from your studio. Pair each picture with a caption letting everyone know why mums will just love your items.

Mother's Day UK seller assets


In previous posts, we’ve recommended Fotor app for creating a collage – like the one below – with the square image we’ve provided in the same way as Facebook.

Mothers Day seller asset IG collage

Hashtags are where it’s at for finding stuff on Instagram – see more tips on optimising hashtags in our previous seasonal campaign post.

Essentially, by including relevant hashtags that are both big and small in popularity, along with #everydaymum for this campaign, you’ll get your wares seen by the maximum amount of people.


The Etsy Twitter image is made for a special mobile-only component of Twitter. You can now include up to four images in a single tweet, but this feature is only available when you tweet from your iPhone or Android device. To do this, it will be easiest to send the Twitter-ready image as an attachment to yourself via email, then access your email from your mobile phone. After that, download the image to your phone’s photo album.

Then, open up the Twitter app and add the photo to a tweet, plus three more images that tell your shop’s story. Not sure how to add photos to a tweet? Check out this helpful article from Twitter. Once you upload your images, you’ll have about 120 characters for a short sentence about your shop and a link to your shop’s page, along with the hashtag #everydaymum. Be sure to reference Mother’s Day, in order to be a part of popular conversations happening around the holiday.

Mother's Day seller asset TW collage

Enter our competition!

Share your own unique ‘mum moment’ using #everydaymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for your chance to win. We’ll be giving away a £50 Etsy gift card every day, and every week, one lucky winner will receive a £100 Etsy gift card plus their quote on a custom item, handmade by an Etsy UK seller.

The competition will run up until – you’ve guessed it – Mother’s Day*, and you can enter by using #everydaymum on social media – tag us @EtsyUK if you like! View all the entries so far here and for full terms and conditions please click here (UK residents only this time – but check your local Etsy social channels for Mother’s Day activity in your area soon!).

everydaymum banner

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*Competition closes at midnight on 12th March 2015

Tell us in the comments below: How else are you planning to promote your shop for Mother’s Day?


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