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How to make a Christmas wreath – from paper!

Dec 8, 2014

by Rebecca Nee handmade and vintage goods

Rebecca Nee is an interiors stylist, crafter/maker and avid DIY-er based in London. A constant tea drinker, she’s happiest when creating, knitting, restoring or adventuring. She’s recently worked with Oh Comely, 91 magazine and Mollie Makes Home magazine and this week she’ll be sharing her Christmassy crafts with you.

Looking for something different to adorn your door this Christmas? Follow our how-to guide to make this elegant paper wreath that will add a festive feel to any room…

You will need:
Thick wire and wire cutters
Washi tape
Glitter glue

paper wreath diy step 1

Step 1: Make a circle of wire to your desired size. Using real leaves as templates draw and cut multiple leaves out of white paper and fold down the middle.

paper wreath diy step 2

Step 2: Secure the ends of the leaves to the wire circle with tape and add glitter glue to the tips for some added sparkle.

paper wreath diy step 3

Step 3: Ta-dah! Hang your wreath on your door, prop it up on your mantlepiece or gift it to make some-one’s Christmas extra glittery (I mean who wouldn’t want that?!).

Inspired by our festive DIY? Keep your eye on the blog for more Christmas crafts coming your way this week!

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