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Etsy staff edit: Christmas gifts for crazy cat people

Dec 5, 2014

by Anna Denise handmade and vintage goods

Anna Denise Floor, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, Etsy UK


I personally like to think that if there’s one thing I’ll one day be remembered for, it’ll be my kick-ass favourites list with cat-related items on Etsy. Yes, I’m known to be ambitious like that. Aim high and such. Honestly though, if we’re talking cold winter nights,  what’s better than cuddling up on the couch with your feline friend softly purring away in your lap while researching cat videos?

Here are some of my favourite Etsy finds (plus some cat videos) to help you find a purrfect gift for that completely sane cat person in your life.

I adore dressing up and what’s on my nails matters almost as much to me as the outfit I’m wearing. These cat nail decals will not just allow your friend to show off her love of cats, they’re also an absolute conversation-starter at parties (especially if you’re holding your champagne glass at eye level).

If your gift receiver is more of a crafty homester and less of a champagne-glass-in-your-facer this DIY paper lampshade kit might be just the thing for them. Perfect for the dark months ahead!

Totes are great. They carry your stuff, save on plastic and you can use them to tell the world what you care about. Which is cats. It’s always cats.

Here’s a secret: bringing treats like these organic cat nip toys for the cat is a sure way into you cat loving friend’s heart. Added bonus: they might even convince the cat to stay away from your toes for a while.

Stylish cat-themed pillow cases for him and her. Sleeping is cat-approved, clearly.

Is your cat-worshipping friend into downward dogs? This adorable cat yoga print will surely inspire them to work on perfecting their cat pose next.

Black cats aren’t scary, they’re awesome. As is this pretty patterned kitty shirt.

Unlike dogs, cats usually don’t really like to be taken places. And they certainly don’t like to be taken places on a leash (they really don’t). Order a custom necklace to help your friend deal with their separation anxiety when they’re away from home.

And while we’re on the subject of homes-away-from-home – this adorable mug will surely brighten your co-worker’s long day away from their furry friend.

Once you’ve found that one-of-a-kind gift, why not wrap it up with this appropriately themed washi tape? Squeals guaranteed.

For more cat-inspired cute things, check out Anna’s Etsy favourites feed here. Check out the rest of the Etsy UK staff Christmas picks here.

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