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Christmas colour trends 2014: An interiors expert’s tips

Nov 20, 2014

by Sara Garanty handmade and vintage goods

Sara Garanty is a Swedish stylist and interior designer. She works for different interior magazines and is currently decorating a 5 metre tall Christmas tree at the Airport Arlanda, Stockholm. She writes about colour and design on the blog Colours by Sara. Find Sara’s pick of the most colourful Christmas treasures below…

Shimmer in gold

collage of gold christmas gifts

1. Gold leather purse, by Jilly Designs
2. Gold porcelain cups, by ENDEsign
3. Gold metal triangle necklace, by Fawn and Rose
4. Set of 3 brass sculptures, by Meginsherry


Evergreen theme

collage of green Christmas products
1. Green waxed tote bag, by Winter Cabin
2. Recycled cardboard tree, by Cardboard Christmas
3. Letterpress gifts tags, by Olive and the Volcano
4. 3 mini glass snowglobes, by Thats What She Stitched
5. Stoneware vases, by Vitrified Studio


Dreaming of a pink Christmas

collage of pink Christmas gifts
1. Pink origami lamp, by Nellianna
2. Neon pink trinket box, by Paragraph Loop
3. Kokeshi doll, by SketchInc
4. Cactus cushion, by Nesta Home
5. Knitted flamingo booties, by The Miniature Knit Shop
6. Cardboard clock, by Cardboard Christmas


Icy blue

collage of blue christmas presents
1. Botanica print, by Sormeja
2. Bowtie, by WBTHAMM
3. Blue geometric bauble, by Submicrocosm
4. Ceramic blue bowl, by MBart Studios
5. Agate coasters, by Bertu Candles

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