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Etsy House: Introducing 7 of the sellers popping up in our shop!

Nov 18, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

Ever wanted to shop on Etsy in REAL ACTUAL LIFE? Well, next month you can.

We’re popping up our first ever Etsy shop in London for Christmas. Called Etsy House, it will be stocked entirely by selected Etsy UK sellers and full of lovely homeware, stationery, art, jewellery and more. Perfect for present-buying – whether that’s for yourself or a loved one, we won’t tell…

With over 100 UK sellers involved, we thought it was about time we introduced you to a few. They’re all currently in full creative swing preparing items a plenty – follow #EtsyHouse on Instagram to see progress pics so far, and read on to meet 7 Etsy House sellers…

Gemma Hutchinson, NewtonandtheApple

Newton and the Apple

Newton and the Apple

“I use inspiration from science and nature to create a range of items that I aways imagine to be given as gifts. I am motivated by a love for bringing something to the market for the stylish geeks out there, including those that may not even realise they have a geeky side yet find themselves intrigued by the periodic table or the collective terms for animals.

“I also like to take the idea of a personalised item and create something completely new; not just your name on something, but your own voice, or the geographical coordinates of your favourite place, or the particular phase of the moon when your baby was born.

“When I started my business I was still studying for PhD in Auditory Neuroscience. I was writing up my thesis and not being paid at the time so started selling on Etsy in the hope of bringing in a few pennies by making stuff in any free time I gave myself. I was blown away when things really took off.

“Newton and the Apple has led to a complete career change for me; I had been grafting away to become a scientific researcher for the last 8 years! Suddenly finding that I could spend my days being creative as a job, but also being able to plunder the world of science while I was at it… dream job? I now research less brains, more cloud types and moon phases.”

Stephen Caine, TomBag

TomBag studio


“I created the concept whilst recovering in a hospital bed – at the top of my bucket list as such. Inspired by an old military kitbag belonging to my grandfather, I started work on refining the TomBag design.

“During my time in the marines there were three of us that became good friends: there was Richard (Dick), Harold (Harry) and myself, Stephen. We very soon became known as Tom, Dick and Harry – the name stuck at the same time an idea was borne.

“Part of being a soldier is that you are issued with various belongings – all to be packed into a large kit bag. It was at this time that I thought about making kit bags in more manageable sizes in a range of colours.

“There is a bit of magic in the way the bag closes using the 120 year old tried and tested T-bar design. The underlying objective is to create a stylish, heavy duty and functional duffel-style bag that is well made but also ticks the cool factor box.”

Iwona Kuziora, YeahBunny

Yeah Bunny


“I sell clothes, mostly T-shirts and sweatshirts with my designs. I love details so every drawing has some detail on it. I love to draw and create new things. I love colours and want to see colours on the street.

“I started alone but later, my boyfriend (now husband) left his regular job to join me. Together we create a team, Yeah Bunny.

“The idea for the brand came very spontaneously. The first product was a pair of shorts. Ordinary jeans gained new lustre. Everything should be unique. Bright patterns, rainbow circles and bold text lets you stand out on the street from people dressed as dictated by chain stores. It has become the most important characteristic of the brand. Unique clothes allow their imagination to be different. One of the slogans on a shirt is ‘be different or die!'”

Michelle Kreussel, TheFoxintheAttic

The Fox in the Attic

The Fox in the Attic

“I sell hand embroidered and printed soft toys and cushions. My father always told me and my brother to do what we love. That has always stuck with me and motivates me to work hard and make my business a success. I love what I do and I want to keep doing it.

“I didn’t like working for someone else and realised I needed to do something soon if I wanted to be happy creatively and earn a living. Randomly I decided to start making toys. My grandmother taught me embroidery and I wanted to incorporate that into making toys. I bought a sewing machine and four years later I am still here. I’ve made many mistakes and there have been ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Ben Treanor, OldEnglishCo



“I was working for the UK’s largest book shop Waterstones as the head designer/illustrator. It struck me that I had a style of illustration that people liked, so I set out by creating my own card designs – these were the very first products I listed on Etsy! I was completely shocked when I got my first sale. I spent hours each evening after work creating more illustrations and working on my Etsy store.

“The demand for our prints and homeware got greater and there was a moment when I realised the income from the business was matching my salary and decided to hand in my notice and go full steam ahead with Old English Company.

“Deciding to go full time with the business was hands down the best decision. It allowed me to concentrate fully on the thing I loved to do – which is create lovely prints, homeware and stationery that people will love to own.”


We Are Arrow


“I made a few things that other people liked, so I thought I would just see what happened when I put them for sale on Etsy. When those first few items sold, I was thrilled to keep making more. It is such an amazing thing to be able to put people in direct contact with real people across the world.

“I started my business by accident ,really. A pile of unwanted door hinges stood out to me as necklaces waiting to be made. Making a few necklaces snowballed into more necklaces, then selling on etsy, next I made some rings, which lead to trying a few craft fairs, which saw me moving to London where I now have a small retail space.”

Dina Malkova

Dina Malkova


“I design and make hand-made bow ties and other accessories from vintage fabrics. Working with vintage textiles is about seeing and feeling the texture and history of the place they come from. I like the fact that the old fabrics or materials can be re-cycled and re-used again and again and seeing how I can bring a new life to them.

“I come from the Malkoff artist family and have always been fascinated by the process of discovering and creating. I have vivid recollections of how incredible it was as a child to make my own dress or summer sandals and have people asking where I got them.”

Meet these sellers, see live crafting, attend workshops and MORE at Etsy House
Opens 5th – 7th December, 5 Great Newport St, London, WC2H 7HY.
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