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The Greedy Book: Putting the personal back into Christmas presents

Nov 17, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

The Greedy Book is fast becoming our new favourite space on the Internet, especially with Christmas around the corner. Now, thanks to this new wish-listing platform, you need never dread the question: ‘what do you want for Christmas/your birthday/other special occasion?’ EVER again. Instead, you can simply point the present-giver in question to your Greedy Book, which captures all the items you’ve been lusting after of late, complete with founders Charlie and Millie (pictured above) to find out more, and to discover which Etsy items they’re currently coveting…

So. What exactly is the Greedy Book?
Described as the home of the wish list, the Greedy Book is a platform that provides you with your very own corner of the Internet to collate your ultimate wish list; an eclectic mixture of your favourite things.

Our shorthand for it is ‘Pinterest for products’ – in other words things you actually want rather than just pretty pictures! There’s also a whole host of inspiration there if you’re stuck for ideas!

We know what it’s like to have to pull that polite ‘I love it smile’ when inside you know the gift will never be used. The Greedy Book allows you and your loved ones to collate the things you love all year round so that when it comes to the time to buy a gift, everyone ends up with personal, thoughtful gifts and no disappointed faces!

The Greedy Book screen shot

The Greedy Book

Sounds good. Where did the idea come from?
We were inspired by our sister-in-law who kept an actual greedy book (a worn leather notebook in a kitchen dresser drawer), to note down each of her family members dream gifts and favourite trends to make it easier when it came to buying them presents. We wanted to take The Greedy Book concept and expand it online, along with other exciting services, and useful tools, so that no family or group of friends ever has to struggle again when it comes to buying unique and thoughtful gifts for each other!

A-ha! Putting the personal back into gifting!
YES. The central idea of the greedy book is all about making gifting more personal – a greedy book is a celebration of peoples individual style and online ‘loves’. Just because someone has asked for something on a wish list it doesn’t mean it’s not personal and special (in fact in most cases it’s much more so than a gift voucher or cash!).

That’s why we love Etsy as it’s such a treasure trove of all the lovely unique gifts you can find on online – often handmade and lovingly created by real people, putting heart and soul back into buying presents online.

We believe you don’t have to throw money at Christmas presents to make them wonderful, it’s just about putting the time into discovering what people real want, instead of defaulting to gift vouchers and last minute panic buys. We want everyone to join us on our mission to make gifting more personal, meaningful and memorable this Christmas!

The Greedy Book’s pick of perfect presents from Etsy UK sellers

Quote print

We wholeheartedly concur – a print that will bring a smile whenever you walk in the room.

Star light

Simply, ridiculously cool.

London print

Our favourite city in a stunning letter press print – perfect for all us city sinners!

Personalised chevron chopping board

A phrase of your choice nestled between an on trend chevron design… what more could you ask for?

Leather coasters

Wonderful craftsmanship combined with a unique design. We love.

Personalised necklaces

Gorgeous necklace duo you can personalise with your very own words of inspiration.

Personalised pompom cushion

Anything with pompoms on goes to the top of our greedy list.

Initial wooden gift tags

The perfect way to go even further in personalising that prezzie…

Head over to for more perfect presents but be warned: You might want to buy ERRRTHING immediately, and there’ll be nothing left for your loved ones to snap up. Oops…

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