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Remembrance Day poppy crochet pattern

Nov 7, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

Award-winning UK artist and serial knitter Emma Leith first plopped onto our radar when we discovered her yarn-bombing antics via the wonderful world of Twitter.

Emma and her merry band of like-minded makers have been busy crocheting up a storm since summer to create loads of little handmade poppies to sell in order to raise money for Remembrance Day.

If you’ve already purchased a paper poppy and want to put your stitching skills to good use, Emma has kindly shared her Remembrance Day poppy crochet pattern (plus step-by-step tips) below.

Contact Emma here if you’d like to find out more about yarnbombing and where to send your finished poppies to.

Over to Emma…

a crochet poppy on grass

This crochet pattern is worked in acrylic dk wool on a 3.75mm hook, but you can use any hook and any wool – get creative!

What you will need…

You will need a small amount of black wool and a bit of red.  This pattern is great for using up all those spare bits of wool.

In Black wool:

Chain 6 and join to first chain with a slip stitch to form a loop.

Chain 3 (counts as your first treble),  Work 11 trebles into the centre loop. Makes 12 stitches in total.

Change to Red wool:

Centre of crochet poppy in black

Work 2 doubles into each stitch. Makes 24 stitches.

working the centre of a crochet poppy.

See how we work over the red ‘tail’ – this makes it secure and neat… but don’t worry if you find this too fiddly it’s just the perfectionist in me!

Close up of crochet poppy working the first increase row  in red.

You have now worked 24 stitches. Join to the first stitch with a slip stitch (yarn over and pull it through both).

Now let’s work our first petal. You are going to repeat this 4 times to make 4 petals in total.

starting to crochet the first poppy petal in red wool.

Work 1 double into the first stitch.

close up of crochet poppy project, working 2 trebles into stitch below

Into the next stitch work 2 trebles and repeat this 3 more times making a total of 8 trebles worked into 4 stitches.

close up of crochet poppy pattern working first petal

You now have 1 double and 8 trebles. Into the next stitch work 1 double and this is your first petal.

Close up of crochet poppy first petal

This is your first petal! Repeat…ie into the next stitch work 1 double, then 2 trebles into next, 2 trebles, 2 trebles, 2 trebles, 1 double.


We now have 40 stitches (but it doesn’t matter too much if you’re a stitch out here and there!)

Close up of crochet poppy project

Work 2 doubles into next stitch.

close up of crochet poppy petal

Repeat 2 doubles into each stitch (20 stitches per petal) and then slip stitch as shown here. Repeat all the way around.


Crochet remembrance poppy

Finish with a slip stitch into first stitch of this row and cast off. Voila!

2 crochet poppies of differing sizes

The poppies will work to different sizes depending upon the size of the hook and wool. Play, have fun!

This crochet pattern originally appeared on Emma’s website

Have you handmade any poppies for Remembrance Sunday? Share your images on Instagram tagging @EtsyUK and we’ll regram the best ones.


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