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DIY Halloween outfit inspiration from an Etsy seller

Oct 27, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

Want some inspiration for a Halloween fancy dress outfit you can put together yourself?

When London-based Etsy seller Janine Basil needed to create a spooksome setting to shoot her eclectic hats and headpieces, she enlisted the help of Sara Marsden, a photographer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Assembling her team – hair stylist Caroline Crothers-Sudgen and make-up artist Holly Smith – they decided on a Halloween theme, and courtesy of what Sara calls ‘creative insomnia’, things started to go bump in the night…

Together, they created three fashionably freaky characters: a sexy skeleton, a rockabilly zombie and a bridal ghost – and here the girls talk us through how they created these haute Halloween looks, so you too can get your spook on in style…

Sexy skeleton

diy halloween outfits sexy skeleton

This look was inspired by Rick Genest AKA Zombie Boy – the male model tattooed as a living skeleton. Says Sara: “I wanted her to have loads of attitude and anger in her eyes. The punk influenced faux-hawk, lined with Janine Basil’s bone hair clips, totally reflected this – but the black lace dress added a feminine touch.”

1. Curl the hair quite tightly, then leave the curls to cool into shape.
2. Once cool, backcomb and spray a two inch section from the front of the head to the nape of the neck.
3. Then, take hair from each side (without disturbing the curl too much) and pin it into the backcombed section, spraying again to secure.
4. When it’s all secure, take each curl and grab a few hairs and then push the rest of the hair back on itself, like a draw string. This will create a fluffy effect and then pin those ends into place.

Holly says creating this look was “more like painting a picture” and used black and white face paint from Snazaroo, which she applied using brushes.

Rockabilly zombie

diy halloween outfits rockabilly zombie

“We wanted our zombie to be fun-loving, rather than dripping in gore – although she’ll still rip out your brains and eat ’em!” laughs Sara, who styled this look up with a pink vintage dress to channel rockabilly vibes – and compliment the green skin nicely!

1. Start by setting the hair to give it a loose curl.
2. Then section the two front quarters for Victory Rolls, leaving another section out for the waved fringe.
3. Then backcomb each quarter with hairspray in an upward direction and began to roll from the tip to create the Victory Roll.
4. Once in place, used open-ended pins to secure and give it another good spray.
5. Backcomb the fringe section and lightly brush it smooth on top (if curled well, it will naturally create the wave shape and once in the desired shape it’s pinned discreetly in place).
6. Then brush the back section of the hair to one side, connecting the curls into one tube-like shape, sprayed and pinned to the side.

This look took over two hours to complete but was totally worth it. Holly used green face paint by Snazaroo for the base colour, blending in grey and black shades for contouring and around the eyes to create a gaunt look. The laceration on the chest was created using SFX products – wound filler for the inner wound, a bruise wheel for the realistic colours, fake blood and even tissue paper fastened down with liquid latex to create a textured, ripped effect.

Ghost bride

diy halloween outfits ghost bride

“I wanted our model to look void of emotion, literally dead inside and out,” says Sara. “We used the white dress and veil to set the bridal tone and Janine’s bat clips to add a feel of ancient crypts and graveyards.”

1. Starting with barrel curl set or a roller set and back combing each section before putting in the roller or set, leaving the hair to cool completely.
2. Carefully unroll the hair giving each curl a light hairspray, then using a brush with very soft bristles, brush through the curls and smooth the top layer of the back combed roots to create a softer look
3. Then add a light dusting of talcum powder with a blusher brush to take away the shine and give a more ghostly appearance.

Holly used Snazaroo white paint, blending different greys and pale cream colours, using darker shades for the eyes and areas of contour to shape and add character to the face. She then used a sheet of tissue paper and liquid latex over the lips to create a chapped, ghostly appearance.

Photography: Sara Marsden
Hair: Caroline Sugden| Hair By Cherry On Top
MUA: Holly Smith
Hair accessories: Janine Basil
Models: Hannah Fowler (zombie), Ruth O’Doherty (skeleton) and Emily Atkinson (ghost bride)

Will you be dressing up this Halloween? Have you been inspired by these three frightfully good looks? Comment below or tweet us @EtsyUK!


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