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7 subtly spooky Etsy finds for LIFE, not just Halloween…

Oct 23, 2014

by Natalie Wall handmade and vintage goods

‘Tis the season to be spooky – but don’t get carried away with spending your hard-earned on frivolous Halloween tat. We’ve selected seven Etsy finds from the UK (and other nearby places) that will not only give you a FRIGHT on Halloween night, but will continue to look spookily stylish long after the last witch has flown…

1. The skeleton spoon

Stir up your evil concoctions – or maybe just add a lump of (equally as sinister) sugar to your cuppa with this stainless steel skull spoon (try saying that quickly), handmade in London. *Insert bad dad joke about sugar skulls here*

2. The bat wing mug

Bat wings are usually part of the ingredients list for a particularly potent witches potion, but we like the idea of casually sipping coffee from this sleek ceramic mug at work – and giving the evil eye to anyone who interrupts.

3. The creepy hoodie

Talk about a versatile piece – but perhaps not in the most traditional way. Works as a sort of Grim Reaper look when worn with the hood up, or keep things casual with the hood down, post Halloween party.

4. The funny bones

Who knew skulls could be so sweet? We love these tiny earrings, handmade in Italy. But they won’t be making an appearance at the Halloween party… they’ve got NO BODY to go with. LOL.

5. The black cat

This cute kitty, handmade in Scotland, can cross our path anytime, and will no doubt warm the coldest of hearts, wicked witches included.

6. The wild wood

This wild wooden table looks like it might have been sourced from a frightening forest and will look all sorts of awesome dressed with spray-on cobwebs and these dripping blood candles for your Halloween party. Just don’t tell anyone it’s actually made from driftwood found in Cornwall.

7. The scary bear paw

Beacause everyone knows you shouldn’t remove hot stuff from the oven with BEAR hands *ahem* These furry oven mitts would make an excellent emergency outfit solution, as well as serving a very useful purpose indeed.

Have you spotted a subtly spooky item on Etsy? Share your frightfully stylish finds in the comments below or tweet us @EtsyUK!


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