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How to display your art collection

Oct 13, 2014

by Katherine Mellor handmade and vintage goods

Now that you’ve bought some art, what do you do with it? How do you look after it? And how should you display it? Curator of’s OPEN exhibition, Katherine Mellor, shares her advice on looking after your art work.

Got any questions? Or are just interested in hearing more about how to buy art? Come along to Katherine’s talk at the OPEN art exhibition on Friday 17 October at 4pm, where you can pick her brains on the best way frame, display and generally make the most of the art that you love. Details below.


Art can be fragile if not displayed and looked after properly so follow these simple guidelines to keep your collection looking its best.

Move them around

The best way to keep your art collection looking fresh and exciting is to move pieces and rotate your display regularly. No matter how much you love a picture, if you walk past it every morning in a hurry to get out the front door and in the evening in a hurry to get to the sofa, it will become like wallpaper and you will stop noticing it.

Moving things around can reinvigorate them and make you fall in love with your art collection all over again. Try new combinations to bring out different elements of each piece. Mix up your collection – sculpture and ceramics can look fantastic as standalone pieces on a mantlepiece but can also work brilliantly when placed in front of a two-dimensional artwork on a bookshelf.

ceramic vases displayed


Don’t hang things too high. I notice this all the time (and constantly re-hang pictures at the homes of my friends and family). I could bore you with technical gallery specifications but a general rule of thumb is that your eye level should be roughly level with the centre of the picture.

Also think about your framing. I find that even the most incongruous imagery can fit into an interior if it is framed sympathetically.


Keep watercolours and drawings out of direct sunlight and make sure that they are mounted and framed to a high standard to avoid future damage. It goes without saying but fragile sculptures and ceramics should be displayed out of the reach of small children and pets…

watercolour of a whale

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