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Etsy OPEN art exhibition – Meet the Artists

Sep 29, 2014

by Jo Casley handmade and vintage goods

We are counting down the days to our first UK art exhibition during art month here in London. OPEN, An exhibition of UK artists on will showcase 15 stellar UK based sellers who make art right across the UK.

Today, we are delighted to invite the entire Etsy community to come along to view the works on display, meet the artists, and grab a limited edition print for the extremely special price of just £10.

 OPEN takes place at 5th Base Gallery, 23 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ from Friday October 17th to Sunday October 19th. Don’t miss the free special events:

  • Curator talk by Katherine Mellor, one of the selection panel for the exhibition ‘Start Your Own Art Collection’ Friday October 17, 4pm. Book your free tickets now.

Download the flyer for the art exhibition here and invite your friends and family!

Now lets meet a few of the participating artists in more detail…


|Whalewatching, 140cm x 100cm]

Kristi Cumming, Shetland (

Kristi paints her large abstract canvases from her home on Shetland. The landscape of her island home in rural Scotland provides her with constant inspiration; “my work currently explores Northern islandscapes, their intense water laden colours and the remains of working from the land and the sea, the past and present.”

“Shetland is full of obscure structures some glowing in the dark or only visible with the snowfall, circular, rectangular, half removed, mostly forgotten scarring the landscape. Winter tides create technicoloured plastic strewn beaches. All of these treasured finds and the perpetually mesmerizing colour changes of the sea and the sky continue to trick and delight me into recording, interacting and creating my own remains to be discovered.”

Kristi builds her larger paintings from scratch. “There’s something really exciting about building your own stretcher, choosing the weight of canvas to be stretched, carefully stretching the canvas just right and then flooding it with that first wash of colour.”


|Rare Bird IV 2013, 30cm x 40cm|

Lucy Pass, Lancaster (

Lucy Pass lives and works in Lancaster. Since leaving college in 2005, she has been practicing as a freelance artist and designer. From a very young age, she knew she would be some sort of creative, she says “I’d always call myself a painter first and foremost as art is my first love, but I find it difficult to leave other disciplines behind, so I always have all kinds of projects on the go! As a freelance artist, my work consists of public and private art commissions as well as continuing work on my personal port folio. I also dabble in graphic design and fashion design for my own label, Little Lost Soul and any spare time I get after all that is spent as part of The Make District, a creative collective, running events and workshops around the North West.”

“I’m fascinated by the human condition and expressing this with paint allows for a certain depth and movement that a photograph can’t capture”. The painting Lucy is showing at the exhibition are part of a series focusing on beauty and its perceived value.


|Girl with Black Hair 2014, 31.5cm x 41cm|

Kitty Cooper, Isle of Wight (

Kitty considers herself to be self taught, and has been painting for fifteen years. “[My work is] pretty traditional really, I work on wood or canvas, with oils or acrylics. I create portraits mainly from imagination and inspiration, adding juxtapositions, surrealism and pop art influences. Landscapes are inspired mainly by where I live, photos I take walking out and about. Some of these are more realistic, some more abstract. Some pieces take a long time, over several weeks, and some just a day or few hours.”

Kitty has been selling her art online since 2012, and says one of her most exciting moments came earlier this year when she sold two paintings to a customer in Beirut, Lebanon. “It’s really nice to be able to connect and network with other artists and makers and get inspired by all the talented people on Etsy. It’s also really easy to use and has been a great starting point for getting my work out there and getting feedback.”

If you are an artist not currently selling on Etsy, why not open a shop? Get started with 20 free listings! Enter the code: ARTETSYUK at  (new sellers only).




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